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Nappy rash - sensitive to wee?

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cornflakegirl Wed 28-Oct-09 13:11:05

My 9wo has had some nasty nappy rash - really red all round the front of his nappy area. He was in cloth, so when it started getting bad, I switched him to sposies. We saw the doctor who prescribed Nystan, which didn't touch it. She then prescribed Canestan hydrocortisone, which cleared it really quickly. However, even in the sposies, it seems that if I leave him in a nappy for more than about 2 hours, he starts to get red again (we're still using the hydrocortisone - it's been about a week).

Could he be sensitive to his urine?

meep Wed 28-Oct-09 13:30:52

do you use a barrier cream at every nappy change?

cornflakegirl Wed 28-Oct-09 13:57:17

No - we were using sudocrem but it seemed to be drying out his skin (this is before we saw the doctor). Now we're just using olive oil.

Scarybots Wed 28-Oct-09 14:04:21

Try metanium cream. Fantastic stuff!!

They use it in Bristol Childrens Hospital over your Canestan or Nystatin should help to keep it clear.

Its fab stuff but if you go back to your cloth make sure you use a liner as its really greasy.

meep Wed 28-Oct-09 14:07:42

I woudl say that all babies are senstive to wee and poo if it is against their skin for too long
so........definitely use a barrier cream (not sure about with cloth nappies - but someone will hopefully let you know) at every change - it stops the wee and poo being aginst their skin and causing a rash and/or fungal infection.

You can get really cheap ones like Boots zinc & castor oil cream to more expensive ones like Bepanthen - which works really well for my two girls

A really good cream to use when there is the slightest hint of redness or if nappy rash strikes is Metanium - you only need a very think layer and it clears most rashes up really quickly.

Lots of nappy off time will help if your ds does get a rash - you can pop them on one of these change mats and if her does wee it will soak it all up.

Hope it sorts itself out - my eldest is still really sensitive and gets horrendous nappy rash even with cream if she "forgets" to tell us that she has done a poo and we don't catch it immediately.

meep Wed 28-Oct-09 14:08:28

x post re Metanium Scarybots - agree 'tis wonderful stuff!

PotPourri Wed 28-Oct-09 14:17:15

Some of my kids had terrible nappy rash. Sounds like it was definately a fungal infection if the canestan cleared it up. Wash your cloth nappies on the hot wash to make sure you are not reinfecting each time. And I would recommend a thin layer of barrier cream. When mine had weeping sores (poor little things) I used egg white - stored in the fridge, and just smear on and let dry. That also helps with fungal infections, but is a highly effective barrier. Wouldn't use all the time though as it is a real faff going to the fridge etc etc.

I second the nappy off itme, although I know it can be hard going.

Oh, and maybe the disposibles are hurting his skin with the gels inside etc. Maybe try the natural ones that don't have the gels...?

Octothebigblackscaryspider Wed 28-Oct-09 17:52:37

Third Metanium! Silver liners are good aswell as they have natural healing abilities - email me on if you would like to try one - also there is a great new cream both for prevention and to ease nappy rash called Pot of Gold - I have some sample pots here if you would like one - let me have your address - keen to know how effective they are on bad rashes.

Octothebigblackscaryspider Wed 28-Oct-09 17:54:00

Also edf sounds like could be a thrush infection - my ds3 has had a rash on his neck - throught he had chicken pox but doctor gave him antibiotics as was some kind of infection - no creams would work on this - same for a fungal infection unless specifically prescribed.

cornflakegirl Wed 28-Oct-09 23:42:44

Thanks for the comments everyone.

The doc is pretty sure it wan't fungal as the nystatin didn't touch it.

Think we have Metanium somewhere - may give it a go.

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