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It is poll time!

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Octothebigblackscaryspider Sun 25-Oct-09 01:19:01

((humour me - there was caffeine in my decongestants))

What is your fave ...

two part nappy
all in one nappy
cover PUL
cover wool/fleece
paper liners
fleece liners
other liners
changing bag
overall product

Octothebigblackscaryspider Sun 25-Oct-09 01:21:38

What is your fave ...

two part nappy - sandys
all in one nappy - fuzzis
cover PUL - rikki (love WN minkee/embroidered)
cover wool/fleece - bebesnuggles
paper liners - green baby
fleece liners - bambinex
other liners - ecoearth silver
wipes - ecoearth (could get into cheeky ones)
wetbag - monkeyfoot (obviously)
potion - sample nappyweb has sent but not used yet...
changing bag - various marie claire freebies
overall product - washable wipes

mamadiva Sun 25-Oct-09 01:24:26

Well I did'nt use reusable nappies but...

My fave wipes are Simple wipes if I'm out and about and water with tea tree in a spray bottle with either cotton wool or cheapo facecloth in the house.

I actually think the freebie change bags from boots are very good because they are all waterproof lining whereas most ones you buy are not.

Octothebigblackscaryspider Sun 25-Oct-09 01:30:41

ooh have never had a free boots one! was that with points? or their baby group thing?

JennyPennyNAPPYWEB Sun 25-Oct-09 07:27:49

two part nappy - UD soy with minki inner
all in one nappy - Cushie Tushies
cover PUL - Upsy daisy
cover wool/fleece - Wool - ant longies. Fleece - Weenotions or UD
paper liners - Don't use them
fleece liners - Arn't they all the same?
other liners - N/A
wipes - UD - minkie one side and bamboo terry the other
wetbag - Monkey foot
soak/spray - So scrumptious foaming wipes solution.
changing bag - Boots free one
overall product - Ohhhh thats so hard! Probably the washable wipes as I could never choose one nappy!

mumskullface Sun 25-Oct-09 07:31:42

2-Part nappy = Bububebe
All-in one = Itti Bitti
PUL wrap = ME Rikki
Wool/fleece = Debbies Fleece soaker
Paper liners = Tots spun Lace
Fleece liners = Any
Other liners = Nappy Garden minkee liners
Wipes = Jabula minkee/bamboo wipes
Wetbag = MF
Soak = Pumpkin Butt
Changing Bag = Babymel
Overall product = Itti Bitti

mumskullface Sun 25-Oct-09 07:43:55

And what about:
Night time nappy = Holdens Landing bedbugs
Pocket Nappy = Ecobubs Wool pocket

mamadiva Sun 25-Oct-09 08:43:08

You get the Boots one when you join Boots baby club before their 2nd birthday.

All you do is wait until they send your voucher for joining and you buy pack of Pampers newborn/active fit nappies to get the kit free.

Octothebigblackscaryspider Sun 25-Oct-09 09:53:22

Ah that would be why!

craftynclothy Sun 25-Oct-09 10:29:03

two part nappy - um, for reliability & smallness in changing bag MotherEase Sandys.
all in one nappy - Itti Bitti D'Lish for days, Berry Plush for nights
cover PUL - Mother-Ease or Weenotions
cover wool/fleece - FlowerpotTots crocheted longies
paper liners - dunno what they were but someone gave me some ages ago and they were the only ones I've liked
fleece liners - own made
other liners - not used
wipes - made my own but have ordered some weenotions cos a friend has them and they look fab
wetbag - Bambinex
soak/spray - tend to just use water
changing bag - well my Boden one is fab but then someone made me a ringsling style bag in a craft swap and it's even better!
overall product - um....well I really love the bag that was made for me, it's the best bag I've had and fits everything in so well

octopusinabox Tue 27-Oct-09 09:46:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Disenchanted3 Tue 27-Oct-09 09:48:29

Pampers Active Fit grin

mantaray Tue 27-Oct-09 22:15:25

two part nappy- Sandy's or Ella's
all in one nappy- Wonderoo AIO or do Itti's count?
cover PUL- Motherease Airflow
cover wool/fleece- n/a
paper liners- n/a
fleece liners. IKEA fleece blanket!
other liners- n/a
wipes- Minki
wetbag- Stinki Minki
soak/spray- mixer taps to hang DS under
changing bag- any old rucksack
overall product- Itti Bittis

PurpleCrazyHorse Wed 28-Oct-09 13:15:05

Nappy: Itti Bitti Snap-In-Ones (think this covers a range of categories). To be fair these are our only nappies!

Wipes: Boots (not too wet so easier to pull just one out of the packet one handed, rather than a whole roll stuck together)

Change bag: using a normal satchel (DH's!) as it's not too flowery for him to use.

Overall product: nappy bin & mesh bags for it (from Fill Your Pants). Large size and mesh bags mean it's easy to shove straight in wash. Tight fitting lid and a handle so easy to carry and no smell leakage!

zombietom Wed 28-Oct-09 16:57:21

two part nappy- Bamboozle and little lambs
all in one nappy- Cushie Tushie
cover PUL- ME airflow
cover wool/fleece- n/a
paper liners- bamino mio(?)
fleece liners- homemade
wetbag- little lambs
soak/spray- Upsy Daisy sell a yummy one
changing bag- use a cheapie handbag from TK Maxx!
overall product- ME Wraps

rusmum Sat 31-Oct-09 20:16:01

two parter- bamboo sandy
AIO- never use
PUL- airflow
Wool/fleece- dont like either
Paper liner- Boots own
Fleece liners- own made
wipes - own made from poundshop baby cloths
wetbag - not got one (NEEEEED ONE)
soak srpay- water / baby bath mix
chenging bag- skip hop duo
overall product- sandies!!

KirstyJC Sun 01-Nov-09 21:28:16

two-parter - little lambs bamboo
AIO - Itti Bitti Snap In (not tried my AIOs yet)
PUL - little lambs (tots bots too plasticky)
Wool - Disana shorties (2 months without a wash and counting blush). Fleece only gots tots bots, like it fine.
Paper liner - still working on this! Def NOT Junior Joy aka tracing paper!
Fleece liners - little lambs
wipes - fleece squares, can't remember where from
wet bag - tots bots
soak/spray - water with couple of drops of tea tree in Boots travel spray pot
changing bag - free one from Boots
Overall product - all pocket nappies, esp Bumgenius, UD and WN. Also love newborn bamboo terries for stuffing pockets.

Octothewetbagpacker Sun 01-Nov-09 23:18:10

ooh some good nappies coming up! Lots of similar likes!

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