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She's gone to bed without a nappy on ...

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WigWamBam Sun 12-Jun-05 20:50:49

After deciding last week that she wanted to drop the night-time nappy, dd had her very first dry nappy overnight last night. She has decided that she's not going to take "no" for an answer, and has gone to bed tomight without a nappy on.

I'm going to regret this in the morning, aren't I?

LGJ Sun 12-Jun-05 20:51:29


helsi Sun 12-Jun-05 20:51:52

how old WWB?

WigWamBam Sun 12-Jun-05 20:52:04

I thought so.

WigWamBam Sun 12-Jun-05 20:52:34

She's just 4, and never had a dry nappy overnight before ... I've got a really bad feeling about this!

lilaclotus Sun 12-Jun-05 20:53:40

dh forgot to put on dd's nappy one night and she was dry ever since. she was just under 3 then. i wasn't expecting her to be dry at night until 4 or 5, but she really stunned me with this!

LGJ Sun 12-Jun-05 20:54:51

Or........ you could end up with a very empowered child,

On the other hand, it is an only child, what is the point ? one for the child to boast and chat to

Hulababy Sun 12-Jun-05 20:55:51

Good luck WWB.

We are in this process at the moment, also a DD's request. We are on night 8.

Night 1 - dry
Night 2 - one accident in early morning (just before waking proper)
Night 3-5 - dry
Night 6 - accident
Night 7 - dry

DD gets a star for her reward chart and a special reward coin for each dry night. She has targets for the coins She then trades her coins in for a treat of her choice (within reason)

Target 1 - 1 coin (as an incentive)
Target 2 - 4 coins (she chose a Dora book today)
Target 3 - 7 coins

Starts from scratch one traded in. She seems to like the motivation.

I have to admit that we do wake her gently just before we go to bed so she can go for a wee. And she has her potty in her bedroom for the early morning.

Hope all goes well.

milward Sun 12-Jun-05 20:56:24

Hopefully ok - do you have a waterproof sheet over the mattress?

jessicasmummy Sun 12-Jun-05 20:56:50

Good luck hun, try waking her to go for a wee before you go to bed...

WigWamBam Sun 12-Jun-05 20:57:00

I think all I'm going to end up with is a very wet bed

Ah well, wish me luck!

lilaclotus Sun 12-Jun-05 20:58:31

i can also recommend lifting her before you go to bed and leaving a potty in her bedroom.
good luck btw!

WigWamBam Sun 12-Jun-05 21:00:30

Aha, you did wish me luck!

Thank you

We have care mats on the bed at the moment, I'm going out tomorrow to buy a washable mattress protector. Her potty is back in the bedroom again, and I have every sheet in the house washed and ready to change the bed if (when!) I need to.

Hula, I like the idea of using the coins as an incentive, star charts didn't really work for dd but I think the coin idea might.

LGJ Sun 12-Jun-05 21:00:35


All joking aside..........

It has to happen some time, we had one or two dry nights and then a wet night or two........told him we totally understood he was only little, but we needed to have a nappy on hand for the next day.

Honour offended , he dried up in a few days

WigWamBam Sun 12-Jun-05 21:03:44

Oh, I know it has to happen some time, and we're going to have the same dose whenever it is. I was hoping she would agree to wait until she'd had a couple more dry nappies before we went for it, but she won't have it. I'm expecting as many wet nights as dry to start with, and I will be summoning up all the patience and sympathy I can muster for when I have to go and strip the bed.

Hulababy Sun 12-Jun-05 21:03:52

These are the reward coins that we have used. £2.99 (P&P inc) for 12.

Hulababy Sun 12-Jun-05 21:05:12

Oh and we have a care mat under her sheet, then her sheet and then a washable, waterproof bed protector (from Mothercare) over the top of that. It is just a square piece of matterial, rather than being fitted - small enough to just throw in washer.

WigWamBam Sun 12-Jun-05 21:05:15

Those are fab, Hula - I wish I'd seen the "poo in the potty" ones when she was refusing to poo anywhere other than in a nappy, they look great!

lilaclotus Sun 12-Jun-05 21:13:48

we used the 'nappy fairy' for when dd got completely dry. it really made it fun for her to move on and be a big girl. we took all the nappies away and left her a little gift. we did the same with the potty when she started using the toilet instead.

WigWamBam Sun 12-Jun-05 21:16:31

Oh, what a sweet idea! She'd really like that.

WigWamBam Mon 13-Jun-05 07:46:06

She's only gone and done it! She was completely dry this morning, took herself off to the toilet at 7am and is so proud of herself that she could burst.

I am, too.

jessicasmummy Mon 13-Jun-05 07:47:50

Excellent - congrats to you both!

coppertop Mon 13-Jun-05 07:49:16

Awww! Well done to min-WWB!

pixiefish Mon 13-Jun-05 07:59:07


WigWamBam Mon 13-Jun-05 14:20:09

Some of the gloss was taken off it when we went to buy a mattress protector this morning and the old goat behind the counter at Mothercare looked over her glasses at dd and said "What's a big girl like you doing needing one of these?", and when dd told her that she had gone to bed for the first time without a nappy last night and had been dry this morning, the old goat said "Goodness me, what are you playing at, a big girl like you should have been out of nappies a long time ago".

Needless to say, the mattress protector is still at Mothercare; I went to Boots instead.

Don't you just want to slap some people?

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