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Chamomile tea is fab!!!!!!!!!

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Mirage Fri 10-Jun-05 20:23:07

3wk old dd2 had developed awful nappy rash & we had tried Metanium/sudocrem/kamillosan all to no avail.I read a tip somewhere about using chamomile tea at every nappy change & it worked a treat.I couldn't believe the difference it made in just 24 hours,it has virtually all healed up now.I can highly reccomend it.

chicagomum Fri 10-Jun-05 20:47:49

do tell more when you say "use chamomile tea" what do you mean exactly - my ds has developed nappy rash during a bout of teething and i prefer usung more natural substances (mainly being using kamillosan)

eidsvold Sat 11-Jun-05 08:11:36

make up a cup of chamomile tea and let it steep. Use that tea when cooled and a cloth to wipe her bum. That is how I make mine.... assume it is the same.

flamesparrow Sat 11-Jun-05 08:50:09

Honey in the tea too can work wonders as well (although some children have a reaction to the honey, so you might need to be armed with water to wash it off )

jojo76 Sat 11-Jun-05 13:10:53

what a great tip! I guess you could decant some in a spray bottle and use with washable wipes when out too.....I use wipes when were out, but Im convinced they make ds's bottom sore so i wanted an alternative, im going to try this!

Mirage Sat 11-Jun-05 21:34:06

chicagomum,I made my 'tea' up the way eidsvold describes it & keep it in a screw top bottle or jar.It lasts for ages & is cheaper & gentler than wipes.

Flamesparrow,I thought about adding honey to it,but had visions of me trying to remove a sticky mess off dd's bum! Does it get sticky when the tea cools down?

jojo76-hope it works for your ds too-I felt like crying when I saw how sore dd was,bless her.

eidsvold Sun 12-Jun-05 10:38:21

When out and about - I would just use a small plastic container/ziploc bag with them already damp in iykwim. I have a travel huggies plastic container and use that for my other wipes.

I made mine up and added a couple of drops of lavendar oil ( idea from another mumsnetter) then poured it into a wipes container ( you know like the green pampers ones you get) and then soak the wipes in. I use the Aus equivalent of jay cloths robust. Mine are called Chux robust. I bought three packs of three and then cut them into wipe size. I think out of 9 chux I got over 100 wipes. Just throw them in with dd2's cloth nappies wash them and start again. Last ages. I use them with both dds.

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