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Huggies for boys....

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Paranoid1stTimer Fri 09-Oct-09 06:23:55

We are just back from a holiday in Australia and they do seperate Huggies for boys and girls. The Huggies for Boys Walkers were excellent. Why don't they do this in the UK? Or do they and I am missing something?

We always use Pampers in the UK but have brought back a case full of Huggies for Boys as they were great...

Just wondering if anyone else has seen Huggies for Boys in the UK?


LittlePants Fri 09-Oct-09 08:38:14

Wouldn't touch Huggies or any normal disposable with a barge pole! 500 years to biodegrade, a smelly wheelie bin full to overflowing with smelly nappies for 2 weeks, leaks, and therefore more washing of soiled wet clothes than I have with washing nappies alone. And those horrid chemicals!
No thanks!
I prefer my washables - far cheaper, more efficient, comfier, better for hip development cooler, cuter, more hygienic as not hanging around soiled for days, easier 'cos I don't have to lug them home all the time.
No doubt someone will slate me for these comments, and I know most people really believe that disposables are easier, more efficient and more hygienic, but they're really not IMO!

camflower Sun 08-Nov-09 11:27:01

paranoid1sttimer was just asking a question, she didn't want a lecture from you on the evils of disposable nappies. v rude

displayuntilbestbefore Sun 08-Nov-09 11:36:12

camflower - No, I haven't seen them specifically for boys in UK however I have boys and found that they had terrible nappy rash with Pampers and always leaked but were fine with Huggies and a lot of my friends with boys found the same, so maybe they're a bit more boy[-friendly in their design? They're expensive, though, compared to others so used Tesco nappies. However, they've recently changed them and they are horrible when they get wet now - go all lumpy and smell of chemicals so we use Boots now and they are superb.

displayuntilbestbefore Sun 08-Nov-09 11:36:47

sorry - meant to say Paranoid1stTimer !

Flamebat Sun 08-Nov-09 12:38:24

Are they cut differently, or extra absorbency in the front or something, or is it just a case of different marketing for pretty much the same nappy? (Thinking if you usually use pampers, would you know the difference between unisex huggies and boy ones?)

I remember adverts when I was a teen for newborn nappies that had a gap for the cord etc, and boy/girl ones for them too... dunno what happened to them though as they didn't exist when I started having babies.

(Can I just say... I am a cloth user, and even I was pissed off with LP's reply. You do know you don't have to convert the world...?)

displayuntilbestbefore Sun 08-Nov-09 18:22:58

I don't know if Huggies are cut differently, but think there must be something about them that means they're more suitable for boys as I know of too many mums of boys who swear by them rather than Pampers....who knows really, but I found Pampers leaked and Huggies didn't, but then OP hasn't had problems with Pampers....I hate the strong smell of chemicals in some of them and certainly Pampers gave all 3 of my dcs terrible nappy rash so they were a complete no-no.
I also used cloth nappies with ds1 but found it impossible when ds2 came along as we were in small house and it was hard enough finding room for the 4 of us let alone the bucket to soak etc, plus he was born in the winter so we couldn't have them on the line successfully. Each to their own.

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