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Do we stay or do we go?

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fletchie Fri 10-Jun-05 09:54:35

Hi everyone. Would like some advice please about potty training. Have begun today with my 27 month old little girl- the nappy fairy came last night baring gifts and took her nappies away!
But something has been nagging me a bit though - what do you do when out and about? Is it best to stay home bound for a few days or should we venture out and just keep fingers crossed? Any experiences/ideas would be greatly appreciated!

blossom2 Fri 10-Jun-05 09:59:55

i stayed at home for a few days so she got used to the sensation of wanting to go. The i just 'bite the bullet', got a portable potty (timee toppee), change of clothes and went out. First trips were about 20 mins, then i slowly extended the length of time we were out.

I made sure she tried on the potty before we went and then sat on the potty when we got back. Sometimes the sensation of cold-to-warm environments makes them want to go. We've had some funny accidents (in the middle of a clothes shop & had to buy some clothes) but generally it took a couple of months).

Good luck and remember its a 'process' and it doesn't happen overnight (at least for most people).

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