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going to go for the cloth nappy tonight!!

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jojo76 Fri 10-Jun-05 09:09:49

Ok, im going to go for red wrap + unbleached tots....might put in a mio prefold too...or i might be being a bit over cautious!! LOL, i trialled a polka dot fleece wrap yesterday evening, and no leaks, which i was amazed at! You have to see to believe with these fleece wraps i think!!!! wish us luck!! Oh and ive got my mum making some little nightgowns for ds, as i was outraged at them being £6 EACH in mothercare!!! £6!!!

Magscat Fri 10-Jun-05 09:29:57

I've always used a disposable at night becuase of major heavy wetting (both kids were/are in cotton all day).

Where do you get the fleece wraps from?

starlover Fri 10-Jun-05 09:35:39

you'll be fine... prefold might be a bit much... do you have any normal boosters?

we went away recently and i took disposables and i had to change them in the night because they just couldn't cope with my little wee-machine. Never had a problem with cloth leaking at night!

LeahE Fri 10-Jun-05 09:58:43

Magscat -- you can get them all over the place but kittykins is vary good.

JoJo -- the mio prefold might be a bit overcautious. We manage fine with uncleached tots and an unbleached tots booster, but your ds may widdle more than ours...

jojo76 Fri 10-Jun-05 11:36:32

hmm ok, ill try with just a normal booster, and see how we go! You are right, the disposables leak sometimes anyway!!
Mags cat, i got 3 tots wraps on ebay for £18 inc. postage. Not hideously cheap, but a bit cheaper than buying them new, and these had not been used either.....

Magscat Fri 10-Jun-05 12:41:02

Thanks. I've always done ok with the prorap covers but you sound so excited about the fleece ones (and I've read others on here saying the same) that I want to try them for myself!

LeahE Fri 10-Jun-05 20:17:54

Magscat -- just to mention that you can get them for £7 including postage each at kittykins and other places -- obviously Jo got a better deal but there are people selling them on eBay for £7 plus postage claiming that's a great deal, so it pays to watch out.

Gem13 Fri 10-Jun-05 21:00:43

Magscat - not tried fleece wraps myself but the Nappy Lady ( says...

Superb quality deep plush red fleece wrap (think old-fashioned cinema seats!). Very breathable, water resistant (rather than waterproof). It's a very smart wrap, and certainly the loveliest fleece one I have seen. Quite bulky, especially with the Tots Bots nappies it is designed to go with, although the size 0 Redrap can be used with a booster on its own, for less bulk. Washable at 40. Suitable over any shaped nappy.

The fleece wraps are very much a minority product, for those already committed to using cloth nappies, in my opinion, because they have to be washed separately from the main nappy wash, may wick on daytime use (see below) and are very bulky... but if you like fleece wraps in principle, you'll love this one!

Best used as a night wrap, as it will wick if the child's bottom is under any kind of pressure (eg sitting or in a car seat/buggy etc).

jojo76 Sat 11-Jun-05 11:40:08

yes, I second Leah, beware of Deals on ebay, they aint always what they claim to be, I tend to go for private sellers rather than the shops...
well, the first night in cloth was great, no leaks, didnt even bother with a booster, ds was dry all night, and no wicking even though he had a slightly snug bodysuit on!! Would highly recommend the fleece wrap for night, he seemed less clammy with it on too, i think it kept his bottom much cooler than a disposable! hurray!!

Magscat Sat 11-Jun-05 16:18:25

Wow. I thought I knew quite a bit about cloth nappies but the whole fleece thing is new to me. I saw some on the kittykins website & love the colours.

Just so I've got it straight though, you use the fleece wrap over ordinary cotton prefolds, yes?
And it doesn't end up soaking wet on the outside?
Sounds amazing. I'm after something I can use for night time because as mentioned, I've always used a disposable at night (on the baby - not personally )

LeahE Sat 11-Jun-05 16:49:12

Yes, you use over your regular nappy where you'd normally use a PUL wrap -- I use Tots Bots which are shaped rather than prefold but the principle is the same. It's all something technical to do with air circulation I believe -- I couldn't see how it worked without the fleece getting wet so ordered one just to see and am now hooked for nighttime use (TBH I think they are too bulky for regular daytime use, at least for ds). The wrap doesn't even get wet on the inside.

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