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Reusable swim nappies for over-2s

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BornToFolk Sun 04-Oct-09 13:57:44

DS is outgrowing his current swim nappy which is the largest size Imse Vimse. He's 2 next week and big for his age.

I'm trying to find him a new swim nappy and it's really hard to find them in any size over 24 months! The only ones I can find are at JoJo Maman Bebe and they're a bit pricey at £14 each.

Does anyone know of any? Or will it have to be Little Swimmers from now on?

ben5 Sun 04-Oct-09 13:59:01

try sainsburys. they had some a couple of years ago

LittlePants Sun 04-Oct-09 16:25:10

Popolini ones XL. They are big. They fit 33+lbs

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