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Monkey foot bags - explain please

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alysonpeaches Fri 02-Oct-09 11:20:05

The first time I looked at these, I thought they were expensive so I didnt get one.

Everyone seems to be raving about them and I did wonder if you put the bag in the washer full of dirty nappies or you just empty them first?

If you put the bag in when its full, open presumably, does this work? Do the colours run onto the white nappies? Do the zips snag towelling?

The reason I ask is I send a bag to childminder for nappies and occasionally its in the washer so she sends them back in a plastic carrier which I have to decant, obviously.

MrsBadger Fri 02-Oct-09 11:39:23

I have much cheaper basic wet bags (with poppers), and you turn them inside out into the washer (iyswim), so the nappies fall out into the machione without you touching them. Then sling the inside-out bag in too and wash the lot.

the advantage of the cheaper ones is you can get two - one on and one in the wash.

newspaperdelivery Fri 02-Oct-09 12:31:04

The wet bags are simply waterproof bags. Great for nappies and swim stuff etc.

They are in lovely prints and very cheerful.

I decant mine as I am generally too lazy to seperate out the washable wipes, inserts and sso on when changing.

Have had no colour runs myselfm though mine are pale at anyrate.

Octo on the main nappy chat thread would be able to assist I'm sure smile

JennyPennyNAPPYWEB Fri 02-Oct-09 12:35:04

I sell both monkey foot ones and cheap budget coolababy ones on my website.

Basically, the difference is that the monkey foot ones have lovely designs, look pretty and have a zip rather than a drawstring. The cheaper ones are just plain, but does mean you can have a few of them for the same price. Both work in the same way as what you have been doing with the carrier bag, just that you pop it into the wash at the end instead of throwing away a carrier bag each time.

Hope that helps

newspaperdelivery Fri 02-Oct-09 12:36:03

OOO didn't know that Jenny!

Must check your site out again, haven't since it went live. smile

MrsBadger Fri 02-Oct-09 12:36:06

but washable wipes and inserts jsut go in the wash with the rest, don't they? no separating neccessary

newspaperdelivery Fri 02-Oct-09 12:38:13

Oh - I mean like open out and generally unfold. You now? I tend to parcel the used nappies up when we are out and about, so they need unfolding when we get home.

I meant when out and about - I use a bucket at home. I want an xl monkey foot to use instead though grin. In almond sparrow print <<happy sigh>>

MrsBadger Fri 02-Oct-09 12:47:19

nope, don't even do that any more - started off but when DH put some in the washer still parcelled and they came out perfectly normally I stopped botehring.

try it!

newspaperdelivery Fri 02-Oct-09 12:51:29

OoooooO. I will!

JennyPennyNAPPYWEB Fri 02-Oct-09 12:56:50

I think I would worry that they might not get QUITE as clean, so may seem clean but the inner may still contain some wee or something? Maybe I am just fussy!

Yes do have a look at my site. I am adding stuff all the time so what isn't there this week, might be by next week! Trouble is, a lot of the stuff I ordered is WAHM made so is taking a while to come in.

MrsBadger Fri 02-Oct-09 13:03:41

sorry but rofl at the thought that 'the inner may still contain some wee' after a prewash, wash and rinse
am obv slattern grin
however they never smell so I am not worried

NB [quick disclaimer] do not wash parcelled-up nappies still containing solid toddler poos. If you do then at the end of the cycle there will be a lovely clean poo waiting for you in the door of the machine. Poo goes down the loo before parcelling.

JennyPennyNAPPYWEB Fri 02-Oct-09 13:09:10

Thing is though is that the inserts to pocket nappies can bunch up at the bottom of the pockt, so no, it wouldn't be AS clean as if it were taken out. I am not saying you are wrong in leaving them in, I just think that I would rather they were pulled out so that they get washed as much as they could.

Although I guess it also depends on which nappies you are using. One thing I loved about my mommys touch was that they had big pocket openings, designed so that the insert would just fall out in the wash.

There must be a reason that pocket nappy manufacturers advise taking them out?

MrsBadger Fri 02-Oct-09 13:56:36

oh mine aren't pockets, they're bimbles/bumbles so just have that booster 'tongue' that flops out

Octothechildherder Fri 02-Oct-09 14:55:15


Monkey Foot Wet Bags are zipper closing bags - they don't snag - the colour doesn't run - they have a longer handle to attach to handles etc - I empty mine before I wash tbh as always check the nappies aren't hideous before I put in machine. They come in 4 sizes depending on the use - most popular are small and large - although lots of people now use XL instead of a bucket.

New patterns are due in very soon - there are 12 stockists across the UK - some of them have exlcusive designs others have lots of different patterns. If you google them you will see what each stockist has to offer.

They are simply just really nice and practical.

GreenJelly Fri 02-Oct-09 16:50:27

I have to agree that although plain bags are practical Monkey Foot Wet Bags are really gorgeous and can be used as toiletries, cosmetics or swim bags after the children are out of nappies. The lady that makes them has a real eye for lovely fabric design.

Octothechildherder Fri 02-Oct-09 17:40:10

Lots of people like to use the small ones for san pro - I took mine on holiday to hold all my cards/money/keys on the beach. The XL are also good for swimming or yoga stuff.

4andnotout Fri 02-Oct-09 21:44:26

I use 2 of the xl bags instead of buckets, a medium for carrying out and about or for my wipes and I did have a small just for wipes but dp lost it angry sad
When I do a wash I just unzipped the bags and put the whole lot in as it is, the first rinse cycle gets everything out of the bags.

ager Sat 03-Oct-09 10:34:30

I gave in and bought some as a big fan of Alexander Henry, but besides that think they are great. You can squash more nappies than you think in them. Now when I go out I don't end up with an exploding changing bag smile. They do look sooooooooooo much better than a plastic bucket too!
I admit to emptying them out though rather than putting the whole lot in the washer as that is what I had to do with the bucket and am not squeamish about handling dirty nappies.

sad I missed out on yellow owls

Octothechildherder Sat 03-Oct-09 11:00:36

Vanessa at nappies may have some yellow owls left smile

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