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Just gone on to bottles - is contentsof nappy ok?

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burstingbug Wed 08-Jun-05 15:07:55

Hi ,
I've just put my 15wk old DS onto bottles as from yesterday. He has just had a big poo which had the colour and texture of guacamole.
Is this normal as while I was breast feeding his poo's looked like satay sauce.

Sorry if this is tmi and appologies for refering to food descriptions for the above but I found it was the best way to decribe it.

Lizzylou Wed 08-Jun-05 15:09:10

From what I remember, yes thats sounds about right........
LOL about Satay and Guacamole....too true!

starshaker Wed 08-Jun-05 15:09:13

yip this is how dd nappy was it should start getting lighter 2 i think

Carla Wed 08-Jun-05 15:09:48

From memory (dds 5 and 6) it sounds perfectly normal. Expect a degree of smelliness. Good luck.

starlover Wed 08-Jun-05 15:12:16

lol, yes that's exactly how ds's what when we started giving him bottles!
hoping to get back on to the breast soon though... so satay sauce here we come!!!

burstingbug Wed 08-Jun-05 15:13:43

Phew, thats ok then. I can relax and let him continue to poo happily
I've been now that I've stopped b/f to put hot and cold flannels on my boobs to ease the pressure and pain and also to take pain kilers. Anyone else have any tips and/or helpful advise to stop milk production and ease pain?

moondog Wed 08-Jun-05 15:13:57

starlover,are you still perservering with the breastfeeding? Thought I'd read something from you saying you'd called it a day?/

starlover Wed 08-Jun-05 15:14:51

yeah i did... but things took a turn for the better LOL!

plus, ds is really not getting on very well with formula... so at the mo still mixed feeding.. but weaning back onto boob!!!!

moondog Wed 08-Jun-05 15:19:42

You're a hero,you!!!!

starlover Wed 08-Jun-05 15:20:07

LOL... i don't feel like it! I hope he bloody appreciates it when he's older! HAHAH

moondog Wed 08-Jun-05 15:20:46

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