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Eco- disposable nappies...

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lunarx Wed 08-Jun-05 11:49:07

does anyone use Moltex Oko nappies full-time?
what do you like/dislike about them?

we are considering changing ds to them, as he has very sensitive skin and regular pampers irritate him..


Catbert Wed 08-Jun-05 12:07:48

I love them, but they were difficult to get hold of (never re-ordered online on time) but then found my local chemist stocks them now! Hurrah!

People are obsessed with whiter than white nappies, and always comment on the colour - but who cares!

And the environmental part describes the manufacturing process (i.e. NOT bleaching etc) which is also a very non-green way of producing nappies, let alone the landfill issue. They DO use gel (which is the part that takes so long to bio-degrade along with the plastic) but in much MUCH smaller amounts.

However, this does mean can be less effective if you have a mega-wee-er (!) which mine are not, so not a problem, but my sisters boy was an all night drinker of milk, and couldn't tolerate them overnight for this.


lunarx Wed 08-Jun-05 13:11:19

thanks catbert, definitely somethings to consider, especially overnight wear! (dont want to wake up to a wet clothed baby every morning!) ..

misdee Wed 08-Jun-05 13:12:49

if i ordered some today online, will they arrive before saturday, and where is the best palce to get them?

mcmudda Wed 08-Jun-05 13:24:06

We used them for a couple of months while we had a dodgy washing machine (ds was usually in cotton).

He was 2 at the time and a fairly heavy wetter - great during the day and I think only one wet leak after 13 hours at night.

They don't have the weird chemical smell that normal disposables have - I think they use tea to absorb the smell? The fit is good and they're ealsticated all the way round just like a conventional disposable - it's just coffee coloured instead of white. The dodgy granules/gel have never escaped either (there's only a tiny amount)- unlike huggies/pampers where the crystals have ended up on the skin - eurgh.

I got mine from Naturebotts - by far the cheapest online and next day delivery before 2pm. But their online ordering isn't up and running quite yet - but the phone number is on the site.

They also sell biodegradable nappy sacks in bulk which you might as well get. THere's no point in puttin a biodegradable nappy in a non-biodegradable sack that won't let the air at it IYSWIM.

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