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Having Trouble With Bumgenius 3.0 - Can Anyone Help!

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tigerbump Fri 25-Sep-09 12:55:15

Been using bumgenius 3.0 for a couple of days now, DS is around 55cm long and 5 weeks old. We have the nappies on the newborn setting and using the newborn insert.

Here are my problems, hoping someone may have some ideas...

Every other nappy or so I seem to get a leak up the back. DS willy is positioned downwards so unsure why there is a leak up the back as the nappy seems to be a snug fit. I tried the thicker insert but still have had a leak in this place.

The nappy leaves an imprint on DS skin, around the legs, waist and back - I fasten it only as tight to ensure there are no air gaps but the redness doesn't look good.

Any help much appreciated, as to be honest ready to give up!

ellielou02 Fri 25-Sep-09 13:46:12

HI Tiger have you folded the normal insert at the front using the poppers? You probably have but worth asking Also have you tried using a liner either fleece or disposable for the redness? I am sure someone else had that problem a while back and managed to solve it using a liner? What other nappies if any do you use?
Sorry prob not being much help.

tigerbump Fri 25-Sep-09 15:06:33

i have been using the newborn insert but have tried the normal insert with the folded popper and that did get a leak up the back.

the redness is more of a worry, at the moment our little fella is a pretty normal weight so to see these marks from the elastic around his legs is a little worrying - i cannot really see how these nappies grow with a baby!

so frustrating as just bought bumgenius all 20 of them!

congalikeyoumeanit Fri 25-Sep-09 15:53:33

At the back of the V3, on the 'inside', there is a piece of fabric which you tuck the insert underneath to stop any wicking up the back - are you doing that?

My DD has some marks on her from using all the different types of washables we have but aren't angry marks if you see what I mean? Maybe try a different washing powder? If you aren't doing them up tight it could be an allergy thing?

Maybe use... <said in hushed tones>.. disposables for a week an then try them again?

ellielou02 Fri 25-Sep-09 16:00:44

I use bumgenius v3 with millie and she is nearly 22lb and is 11 months they do fit her well she does have a little redness round her legs but nothing more than I would have wearing socks iyswim, but I only have 4 in quite a large rotation but I do find them one of my most reliable nappies, I use both inserts now as she was peeing through the normal one within an hour and a half, but with both inserts they last a good 3.5 to 4 hours, but she is not a heavy wetter. Is your ds quite a heavy wetter? Have you tried legnthening the rise to see if this helps with the redness? That prob wont help the leaking though, how often does you ds need changed?

tigerbump Fri 25-Sep-09 16:25:34

the redness is like tightness from socks, so perhaps I am being paranoid. its just we've been using disposables for a month and no red marks from those around the legs. also the bumgenius blurb says no red marks so thought maybe i was doing something wrong

have been using them all day and no leaks with the larger insert folded in properly so perhaps that's that sorted - yes am tucking under the flap and positioned flat now

so are red sock like marks around the legs o.k then?

KirstyJC Fri 25-Sep-09 16:48:17

I get these marks sometimes with DS2 (10.5mo) and have done since 5 months old when we switched to reusables. I think they are where I have put the nappy on quite tightly and is where the elastic is quite tight on his chunky legs!!

I now try and remember to run my finger around the leg cuffs when I put the nappy on, and move it up his legs a bit to check it's not too tight. I'm not too worried about it as he doesn't seem in the least bothered - at first I was worried it would irritate him but it clearly doesn't. I think it is exactly the same as us getting sock marks - we don't notice them and they don't hurt or anything. However I do feel better when I remember to check the fit and find he doesn't have any!!

BG are the main nappy in my (growing out of control) nappy stash - I bought them 'cos DH wasn't keen on reusables and also he starts nursery full time on Monday (EEK!) and it's so easy even they can do them! I never used them on the smallest setting so maybe they are better once baby is a bit bigger? My advice is to keep trying though - they are the most reliable nappy in the stash.

Good luck!

tigerbump Fri 25-Sep-09 16:53:15

thanks for the feedback all...

yeah KirstyJC i am on the medium setting which seems to work much better although not sure this is correct as he is only 5 weeks old!3. thanks for the tip on running my finger around the leg cuffs.

Yorky Fri 25-Sep-09 17:51:48

You haven't been using nappy cream like sudocrem have you as this can coat the fleece inner. What weight is your DS?
If he is a bigger it may be worth trying the nappies on the next popper setting

tigerbump Fri 25-Sep-09 20:09:42

DS is just around 11.2lbs, not using any creams. I am on the next popper setting and using the larger insert which seems to be working (which goes against everything I read as in theory should be on newborn setting and insert still). still getting red marks around the legs, but as KirstyKC said these seem to occur on some babies x

ellielou02 Fri 25-Sep-09 20:31:10

Good luck tiger as long as you are a bit happier and not getting leaks, when millie gets the red marks I dont tent to worry too much as they dont seem to bother her

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