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approaching potty time I think...

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woohoo42 Mon 06-Jun-05 22:21:32

dd is 20mths. She tells me when she needs a poo and when she has done one, and grabs her self when she is doing a wee. Tiny tears and bear both have to use the potty before bed. Potty is a favourite word.
BUT she will not sit on it, clothed or not - I've been really casual about it so far. Do you think it sounds like she is ready? hv said "no child" is ready before 2. What do you all think?

NannyL Mon 06-Jun-05 23:53:00

well some children ARE ready....

i know of several children (myself included! ) who have been potty trained BEFORE their 2nd birthday (and 1 who was relaible from 18 months!)

if YOU think shes ready give it a try!

Good luck

Fran1 Tue 07-Jun-05 00:04:47

My dd was completely trained by her 2nd birthday.

For sometime before hand she was much like you describe your dd.

When left without nappy (not for potty training purposes, just cos it was hot or she'd stripped all her clothes off) she'd deliberately do a wee on the floor, i'd see and start clearing it up, she'd go and do a bit more wee somewhere else! So i knew she had perfectly good control over her bladder and it was obvious she was finding it amusing watching me mop up after her. so i started keeping the potty in whatever room we were in at the time. Gave no reaction whatsoever if she weed on the floor, except to say you should have done that on the potty. Evenutally she did start sitting on the potty and realised my shouts of joy were worth while and continued doing so!

If i were you, i'd take a casual approach to this. Give your dd plenty of opportunity without nappy so she can practice, but don't put to much emphasis on it until she is happy to lose the nappy altogether.

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