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A bit of TotsBots help, please!

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usernametaken Mon 07-Sep-09 13:33:09

A friend has kindly given me some of her old nappies- just to add to my collection!
There are two TotsBots nappies in the bundle that I have never used before.
Please can you help me out.

Nappy 1- It has a green outer with stars on it. There are some poppers on the front. Inside is all fluffy and soft! The label says AIO Rainbow. The inner has a fold out part, within this is a stuffable section (with bamboo insert). What I can't work out is whether the fluffy inner is absorbant or not, does it need the insert to work or not?
Lovely nappy though and oh so soft!

Nappy 2- white outer, no poppers, applix fastening. The outer is very soft white with a slight mess look to it. There are poppers in the inside to attach at insert. Could this be a Felxi-Tots? It feels very lightweight. Does it need a wrap?

Many thanks.

Octothechildherder Mon 07-Sep-09 15:11:35

No 1 is a totsbots luffle easyfit - tuck inner into nappy and add in bamboo booster if needed. Use poppers on front to adjust the size.

No 2 is indeed a flexitot - needs a cover

usernametaken Mon 07-Sep-09 20:03:51

With Nappy 1 (the fluffle easyfit)- does it still need a liner of some description? It feels very similar to those lovely liners you get with Little Lambs!

The Flexitot- very bizarre, I just assumed that the outer were waterproof until I tested it with some water. Any idea why the outer is mesh- I'm guessing it is to be breathable, but then a wrap counteracts most of that!

BaronConker Wed 09-Sep-09 19:03:42

Fluffle easyfit doesn't necessarily need the insert, but my DS wees for Britain and I've never dared use mine without it. The fluffy soft bit is the same stuff as the old tots bots fluffles, which they don't do anymore, but which are very absorbent and super-fast drying.
It's still really slim even with the insert, so you might as well just stick it in and get an extra half our out of the nappy! I sometimes add an extra insert as well to mine just by shoving it in the back with the fold in bit.

Flexitots are v confusing, my DH always thinks they're an AIO (it doesn't help that my easyfit is white, so they look almost the same!) and puts it on without a wrap. I think the idea of the mesh is that it makes the nappy 'flexi' so it's easy for your child to move around in.

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