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disposable nappies and side sleepers - side leakers

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aendr Sat 05-Sep-09 16:28:32

Bit nervous of asking this as most nappy questions seem to be for reusables but cloth wasn't right for my DS's adult support team (i.e. his father wouldn't do them .)

Anyway, he's now (at 10 months) sleeping on his side for the majority of the night. According to the weight ranges he's firmly in the size 4 range, and only just in the 4+ range.

He was occasionally leaking through size 4 Eco Nature Babycare nappies (pre the changes) and waking at night so I got some 4+ Pampers Baby Dry (the nighttime ones) but he's leaking through those too. I was hoping to wait for the Naty nappies changes to settle down and get fixed before getting more of them. I've noticed his leaks aren't every night, but three quarters of the nights the last 10 days, and they are very much on one side or the other.

Are there any particular dispo brands that are better for side sleepers? (I don't really want to have to try brand after brand.) Or shall I just get some boosters and another large wrap (I have one large wrap left over from our attempt at cloth) and start putting a wrap and booster over his dispo at night? (No, going back to cloth is not an option, and we weren't doing it at night anyway.)

claudialyman Sat 05-Sep-09 20:36:05

Hi same problem with eco nature, pampers baby dry and all others I tried! Pampers Active (the purple packs) solved it. Seem to work where others fail. They do move more and stay with a restless child even my contortionist! Have worked for DS for past 2 years, leaks v rarely

norktasticninja Sat 05-Sep-09 20:46:36

I'd do the wrap-over-the-top-and-booster thing, it really should stop the leaks while you find a disposable nappy to suit.

I've no experience with disposables (apart from the odd NatureBaabies) so I can't advise on brands, sorry.

Which wrap do you have? TBH there really is no need to buy a second wrap they dry sooo quickly. If you end up doing this long term MotherEase wraps are bombproof!

aendr Sat 05-Sep-09 22:16:19

claudialyman: doh! and I ran out of Eco Nature ones while staying at my mother's so I actually have some Pampers Active ones to try! I should have thought of that myself blush.

Norktasticninja (norktastic name : I have a MotherEase applix one. Kept it "just in case" of something unknown - like this!
The nappy isn't getting full (back's dry), so I then ask myself... Would I need a booster? Where would I put the booster? They're kind of designed for going under the crotch and the outer part of a dispo is leakproof unlike a clothie so would a booster under the crotch actually work? Would I actually want narrow boosters to go at the sides? What would I make them from (an old towel? I hate overlocking by hand and am not a happy sewing machine user!) and probably a dozen other questions. I guess the way I tell if a nappy is suiting is if the boosters are dry in the morning, though I suppose the wrap might help the nappy stay in place and therefore tell a lie about suitability without.

norktasticninja Sun 06-Sep-09 08:12:40

A velcro motherease wrap is ideal. Great! I'm not actually sure if you'd actually need a booster TBH, I think so though. If the nappy is leaking into the wrap the wee wont be absorbed back in by the nappy because it's not absorbant on the outside like cloth is IYSWIM.

Can you tell were the nappy is leaking? Is it at the hip or by the leg? If I were you I'd try a microfiber cloth (or a cheap flannel) between the nappy and the wrap, if you fold it quite broad it should do something hmm.

Hopfully you wont need to faff about with wraps for too long before you find a nappy that works on it's own smile

Good luck!

norktasticninja Sun 06-Sep-09 08:21:18

Actually, have you got any muslins? If a microbfibe cloth doesn't work I'd try putting a folded muslin on and over the nappy (under the wrap). That'd definitely soak up any leaks and let you see exactly were the leaks were happening too.

Super easy nappy fold here.

aendr Sun 06-Sep-09 20:49:47

Not sure if it's hip or leg, it's been right side a few more times than left. I've got erm... about 40 muslims (don't ask) but wouldn't the wet just spread out, the way it does on the clothes?

norktasticninja Sun 06-Sep-09 21:32:35

Yeah, the wet will spread out but as long as it's a significant leak it'll be pretty clear were it's radiating from. That edge will be the wettest. TBH even if it isn't clear you certainly will be able to see if the disposable has leaked or not!

In any case a muslin and wrap will stop the leaks while you get the problem sorted. So, no need to buy anything or do any damned overlocking either wink

Oh, and if you haven't got any nippers or pins to hand then I think micropore tape or plaster tape should do the job. The the cloth won't be getting properly wet.

aendr Fri 11-Sep-09 11:55:49

The Active nappies seem to be doing the trick! I'll keep the wrap and booster/muslin as a standby in case the problem reappears.

norktasticninja Sat 12-Sep-09 08:33:25


aendr Sat 12-Sep-09 20:42:46

MN ladies are founts of most knowledge. Thank you both.

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