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Is it too late...

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MamaGoblin Mon 31-Aug-09 12:08:58

to make a fresh start with washables for my 18m old? blush

I'll come clean - we bought a 'system' of One Lifes before DS was born, and planned to start using them after he was about 3 weeks old and the exhaustion had worn off. (har bloody har!) Plus, the way you have to fold them down (they are one size, with poppers to adjust from newborn to toddler, allegedly) made them horribly bulky on a tiny baby. So we didn't give them a real chance. blush And bought disposables, and still buy and use them. blush I feel bad every time I put them in the trolley, partly because of the environmental issues and partly because they're so frickin' expensive and we already bought washables!! blushblushblush Oh god.

But the pain is, we don't get on with the One Lifes at all. They chafe DS's tummy, were too large at first and I can see they're going to be too small by the time we potty train. They're also not very absorbable. I've moaned to a local 'nappy lady' about them (not the one we bought them off!) and she agrees that they're not a great product. She's offered to loan me a bucket full of samples that she sells, to see if we get on better with something else.

But at 18 months, are we going to be able to hack it? Has anyone else changed over at this late stage? I think we could probably sell the One Lifes, as they're really lightly used (we occasionally go through phases of using them but are so used to disposables we cop out blush) so could get some money back on those. Could people who saw the light and swapped over at this stage please tell me it's not so hard?! grin

And also, realistically, how many we'll need? Not to mention the clothing issue - DS has stumpy little legs (is in 9-12 month trousers in some cases, at 18 m) so I'm not sure what to do about finding stuff to fit his newly large bum!

Lots of blushs. Can you tell I'm a bit shamefaced about this?

MamaGoblin Mon 31-Aug-09 12:10:13

Absorbable? WTF is 'absorbable'?? I meant absorbent... grin

mumface Mon 31-Aug-09 12:23:48

It's not too late.
You will still see lots of benefits.He will still be in nappies for about another year or so and longer at night.I swapped over when my second son was 16 months.Now I use them on 2 month old son aswell.
I have never looked back. I found that 2 part systems were a lot more bulky and switched to pockets and all-in-twos.
I would recommend trying bumgenius and dream-dri pop in.Both slim,fast drying.

mumface Mon 31-Aug-09 12:29:35

P.S I reckon u could get away with 10-15 of the above as they are microfibre. Depending on whether u want to tumble dry.

paisleyleaf Mon 31-Aug-09 12:33:28

If you're planning on having any more babies it would definately be worth it.

MamaGoblin Mon 31-Aug-09 13:07:09

We're planning on having another baby soon (I'd like to start TTC after christmas) so they will get used by more than one bottom!

We try to dry things on the clothes airers unless it's raining (or there's no more room indoors because of all the laundry!). Hardly ever use the tumble, but can see it happening a lot more with washables. But then I wouldn't be spending a fiver a week on disposables either...

Any hints on the clothing issue? Has anyone found particular brands roomier in the bum?

Wonderstuff Mon 31-Aug-09 13:19:57

I got Modern Baby popins when dd was about 16mo. They are birth to potty, and I justified it as we will be using them on number 2 if that happens or sell them on if not. Found that had to move up to next size clothes when got reusables, ASDA and Tesco are both cut quite generous, Primark is rubbish. I use the tumbler for a few mins with my nappies as they do take a while to dry (they are bamboo). 15 mins and they are all dry and really soft. I have 11 and use them at home and have disposables at night and for nursery.

Octothechildherder Mon 31-Aug-09 13:56:34

Go back and borrow the kit if it is free! Makes sense - there have been lots of new nappies on the market since you bought your onelife. I actually find they are very absorbent but there are lots of bamboo nappies which are super absorbent like the pop ins - and combine well with the faster drying dream dri. I am a nappy seller so have tried nearly every nappy on the market and lend out kits aswell - where do you live? If you happen to live in wilts email me on as I can lend you a kit from the Wiltshire Real Nappy Network which is independent and has loads of different makes in.

If I were to choose now - I would go for the new version close parent - coolababy have just come out but not sure how well they stand up long term yet - simply as they are so new.

Itti Bittis are a favourite on MN too!

paisleyleaf Mon 31-Aug-09 17:49:05

I used to go up a size or 2 on the clothes.
(and just roll up or hem trousers etc)
It was great, as then when DD came out of the nappies, the clothes she had still went on to fit for almost another year.

norktasticninja Mon 31-Aug-09 18:14:36

Cloth nappies are fab, but why not just potty train him? It will go fine if you just take a slow and steady approach.

You'll save a fortune and have it all over and done with before he hits two, which, after all, is the age of power games and IMHO the worst possible age to do anything grin

paisleyleaf Mon 31-Aug-09 18:19:59

"Cloth nappies are fab, but why not just potty train him? It will go fine if you just take a slow and steady approach."

I thought that, but didn't like to say it

norktasticninja Mon 31-Aug-09 18:35:42

Oh, I hope it doesn't come across as rude!

It's just people seem to have been brainwashed into thinking that potty training is only possible from age 2 at the very earliest which, frankly, is nonsense and a bit of a bugbear of mine!

paisleyleaf Mon 31-Aug-09 18:42:49

No not rude at all. But I've mentioned it in the past to someone who was finding their washables too small on their 18mth old (were rubbing his thighs etc).
She was talking about having to spend out on more, and I suggested potty training - but there was a strong feeling that it is pushy and they're not ready so young.

Chances are they might not be - sometimes it's just worth a go though. Nothing to lose - and if it works out then it's a bonus.

norktasticninja Mon 31-Aug-09 18:55:04

Na, it's only pushy if you push them! Pushy potty training at any age definitely isn't a good thing.

We happily allow children to determine their own pace for all other aspects of development, we just give them the room to do it when they are ready. I've not heard of anyone delaying weaning because the baby can't use a knife and fork competently and ask for sausage and mash with jelly for afters!

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