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DD has regressed. No poos in the potty or toilet. HELP!

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beatie Sat 28-May-05 08:41:37

OK ~ we trained dd a month ago and she was quick to get the hang of it. She is now 30 months old. She had the odd accident but that was to be expected.

This past week she has done all her poos in her pants. She is NOT constipated. All the websites and books I read point to her using it as a power tool against me and my DH. It's quite possible she is doing it for attention. I am pregnant and not the nest mummy in the world at the moment. I have been especially tired this past week. We've also started to talk about 'our' new baby more with DD, plus, we're in the midst of moving house and the past two weeks have been stressful for me and DH.

So, I'm pretty sure of the reason for her relapse but none of the so-called experts give any advice on how to fix the problem. What would you do?

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