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Pocket nappies - leaks?

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caen Wed 12-Aug-09 21:13:49

I want to order some BG but understand they have a microfibre insert. I have some LL microfibre shaped 2 part nappies and they just leak all the time - they last an hour max. How come these leak and everyone seems to agree they are rubbish when the MF inserts for pocket nappies seem to be more popular. I'm very confused and don't want to waste my money on more leaky nappies!

yummyspottyblueberry Wed 12-Aug-09 21:18:18

Gah! I've just got some LL 2 parters. Gutted that you say they are rubbish sad

Sorry - no help with your actual question I know!

caen Wed 12-Aug-09 21:47:36

Only the microfibre are rubbish. I love my LL bamboo - they last forever! I boost the microfibre with the bamboo booster to make them last a bit longer now.

eggybrokenoff Thu 13-Aug-09 12:28:01

I use bg - they are fab and almost never leak. The only problem is they are now not lasting the night so I'm wondering whether I'm going to have to use a disposable at night - but in the day they're brilliant

caen Thu 13-Aug-09 13:16:04

The LL bamboo are good at night. Never had a leak. Thanks - I think I'll invest!

yummyspottyblueberry Thu 13-Aug-09 16:56:23

Phew! These are cotton but I have plenty of bamboo boosters smile

I swear by Flexitot for night time with a Totsbots PUL wrap.

KirstyJC Thu 13-Aug-09 19:51:48

I have 6 LL cotton - they are fine, don't panic!! My DS (9mo) can get up to 4 hours out of them with the LL wrap during the day with no problem.

I also accidentally put a cotton on him for night underneath his woolly shorts (thought it was the bamboo one) and amazingly that was OK too! 13 hours with no boosting?!?! Reckon that was down to the wool - won't be trying that again just in case, but I was very impressed nonetheless!

KirstyJC Thu 13-Aug-09 19:59:37

Sorry - posted too soon!blush. Regarding BG - I have 16 of these as they are the only ones DH said he would use.

They are brilliant! No leaks, except once when DH didn't do it up tightly enough.

My DS is a light wetter so can use the larger insert only and still get 4-5 hours out of it. They are quite slim-fitting too, and they dry quickly. I cannot think of a better nappy!

milkysmum Fri 14-Aug-09 20:48:23

Think the same as you KirstyJC. we have about 20 BG's and rarley have any leaks. we use just the large insert in the day and get 4 hours and at night we just boost them by adding the newborn insert aswell. Bought a couple of 2 parters recently (motherease one size) and didn't like them at all. I would highly recommend BG's particualy for nursery.

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