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Changing the poo routine

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Rats Thu 26-May-05 09:13:45

My 7m ds wakes himself up every morning with a big poo and that's generally it for the day. I'm thinking if there's anyway that i can encourage a poo later in the day he might sleep longer in the morning. Any ideas?

ghosty Thu 26-May-05 09:19:14

I remember reading somewhere about when they eat their protein ...
DS always did a poo in the early hours ... and woke himself up ... When we moved to NZ we found that most families gave their kids their 'hot' dinner in the evening ... and sandwiches etc at lunch time (up until then DS was having a hot dinner at lunchtime and then 'tea' ... finger food etc at 5pm).
The minute I changed it to sandwiches etc for lunch and a hot 'protein' meal like shepherd's pie or whatever at 5ish he started filling his nappy later in the day!
DD has always had her 'protein' meal in the evening and she rarely poos in the morning .... she fills her nappy usually twice in the day ... once late morning and once after her lunchtime nap.

Rats Thu 26-May-05 20:17:47

Thanks Ghosty
Guess I'll have to put up with shit for a while! It's a rude awakening, i tell ya!

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