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Ok - got my nappies - what else do I need?

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AliBean Mon 10-Aug-09 12:32:56

Sorry to be so dim but I am 36 weeks PG, still working (self employed) and have no time!!

I have bought a variety of Little Lambs - 10 of each bamboo and cotton napps and 10 of each liner (so microfibre as well) I have 3 size 1 wraps. I have two rolls of liners.

What else do I need? And what do I do with it all when I am using it....

I understand that I can dry pail or wet pail, I can wash at 40/50/60 degrees with just non-bio or add Napisan too if I want.

Can you tell me what else I need to buy and also if I have enough nappies/wraps etc.

Also my HV and Midwife both suggested to use disposables for the first few days - until meconium is passed. Do you agree that this is best or will it make me lazy?

Also want to use washable wipes - have muslins to cut up and would like a tried and tested "recipe" if anyone has one?

Many thanks in advance! grin

AliBean Mon 10-Aug-09 13:03:26


LittleB Mon 10-Aug-09 13:15:27

Hi, I was lazy and used disposables for the first couple of months with dd, she was only 6lb at birth and I'd got motherease nappies which seemed huge on her, so I waited until she was bigger, not sure what Little Lambs are like though. But I stuck with them though, only using disposables when on holiday (camping etc). Not sure if they will let you use washables in hospital either so you may need a few disposables.
I used fleece as wipes and liners, I just brough a length of fleece from a cloth shop and cut to size, lovely and soft and you don't need to hem it, just chucked it in the wash with all the nappies. I probably had arouund 30 wipes, I did renew then after a year or so as they did start to wear, but 2 lots were enough to see dd through nappies. I used a blob of baby lotion on the wipes to help clean her. I also had a waterproof nappy sack, essential for changes when you are out and about. And I made towelling covers for DD's changing mat, so she was comfy when having a naked kick about and any wee accidents get absorbed rather than running all over the mat, and you can chuck them in the wash with the nappies.
I always just chucked my nappies in the nappy bin (sluicing off any poo first) then straight into the machine at 40 (eco balls or non-bio). Dried outside in the sun, or on airers.
I did use whole muslins folded up to act as a good booster when I needed it, ie long car journeys or shopping trips, but dd was quite a heavy wetter!
I had around 20 nappies, probably around 25 as I saw a few others I tried (i had a minki huggle for long journeys and a wee notion, both more absorbant than my motherease). So your quantities would be fine.
Really recommend the fleece wipes and liners though, they were great!

HensMum Mon 10-Aug-09 13:15:57

You need a really, really big bucket with a lid and a net to go inside it (so that you can lift everything into the washing machine with minimal touching of pooey nappies!)

I use washable wipes but just dunk them in plain water. Seems to do the job well enough. We use disposable wipes and nappies when out and about though.

We used disposables for the first few days, mainly because the reusables we had rubbed on DS's cord stump. Once that had healed, we used mainly reusables. There's a lot going on in the first few days/weeks so cut yourself some slack!

You may find that you don't have enough but don't buy anything now. Wait until the baby is here and see how you get on with the Little Lambs. Buy more if you like them, or try something else.

Octothechildherder Fri 14-Aug-09 13:43:13

You can get cool waterproof bags for nappies, washable wipes and for storage instead of buckets now - NappyWardrobe sells them. Washable wipes are also a great investment as is some good sanitiser (not napisan as contains bleach). Not everyone uses paper liners - lots now use fleece ones which you can make yourself or get quite cheaply (as posted below). You may want a nappy mesh to put in your bucket if you do choose to use one - easier for washing.

Little lamb wraps aren't the best in the world btw - the nappies are fine - so if you have problems - don't give up - have a look at motherease covers smile

MrsBadger Fri 14-Aug-09 14:04:19

old flannels make great wahsable wipes - just don't get them mixed up with the face ones

ilovespagbol Wed 09-Sep-09 23:26:50

I use a swing lid bin instead of a bucket as no bucket was ever big enough.
Washable wipes - muslin might be bit harsh on a newborn, try the terry/fleece squares, totnes nappy company does them (you will need to google as I'm no good at linking!)
Good solution: camomile tea, couple drops of lavender oil, tea tree as get older (not sure about tea tree on delicate newborn), leave the wipes to soak in solution in a tupperware box. Works a treat for us. Agree with views on fleece liners, lovely and soft for a newborn too. I'd get a couple more wraps. Well chosen on the little lamb, bamboo ones are so so lovely, take a whle to dry though so good to have the mix of three types. Use the disposables for first few days, be easy on youself. Get a vegetable/kitchen trolley (Lakeland do them) and set it all up in your chosen area and you will be sorted! Enjoy! Such lovely times ahead, hope the birth goes smoothly!

MrsDimples Fri 11-Sep-09 14:29:27

Hi Alibean,

So exciting.

My baby is 12 weeks today & I couldn't wait to start using my nappies, I had a 20 pack of Little Lamb bamboo nappies. I used disposables for the 1st three & a bit weeks, because of the meconium, but that only lasted 2 days, mainly because baby is long & thin & didn't want the width of the crotch of the nappy between her legs til she was a tad bigger. All working brilliantly now grin

My friend had given me a stack of cotton wipes, but they didn't come out til the cloth nappies did I just used cotton wool & a little spray bottle from boots with water in. We still use the spray bottle now with the wipes. I think the muslins would be OK for scooping poo, but I would 'wipe' baby with them.

I've not used any paper liners yet, I asked on here & was advised against it with breast milk poo & I can see why now. Baby stopped pooing 5-6 times a day to pooing every 5-6 days when we starting with cloth so its quite handy. I use the LL fleece liners, so baby feels drier.

I wash the wee nappies on a 30 degree quick wash with one circle of aldi non bio, might start adding less & put in any other clothes that need washing & do an extra rinse cycle. For the poo nappies, I rinse the nappy, wrap & fleece liner in the washing machine on their own twice. Then do a long 40 degree wash, with 'stain removal' button pressed and put the rest of the nappies / clothes in. Do an extra rinse again. No nappy stains to date & their have been some corking explosions, she went 12 days once shock shock Oh & I put a couple of drops of tea tree oil in the fabric conditioner bit of the washing machine, for both washes.

A nappy bucket with lid & 2 nappy mesh are a great idea, lift bag out of bucket & straight into washing machine, easy peasy. I have a left over maternity pad taped to the inside of the lid with a few drops of peppermint oil on it.

When out & about you need a wet bag, I really don't like my drawstring toggle one as you can't close it properly. Am waiting on a zip one. You can get monkeyfoot bags which are zip.

I'd also recommend you get some smaller, ie less bulky, quicker drying nappies to add to your collection like bumgenius or coolababy. The bamboo nappies do take a LONG time to dry, & even with 10 cotton if you have a mishap or 2 you may be struggling with 20 nappies. Also its much easier to carry those nappies in your change bag than the LL's & wraps. You'll need to take a few out even a short trip as baby may go again whilst you're changing grin. Plus its nice to have some colour on their bums too wink.

I love my nappies & feel special every time I put one on baby or hang one up. blush

All the best x

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