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Absorbency of fleece nappies?

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GYo Sun 09-Aug-09 10:26:06

I was just about to buy a set of fleece nappies (teddies) but I've heard mixed views on their absorbency being not great.

I'd be using these fleece full time as I need something that will dry quickly and be easy to use for DDs nursery.

I've previously used tots bots originals so only have them to compare the fleece to.

Are fleece ok for full time use?

swampster Sun 09-Aug-09 11:48:10

Assume you mean microfibre rather than fleece? Fleece isn't absorbent at all, hence is used for 'stay-dry' liners and for wraps.

Microfibre is pretty good but, in my experience, usually ends up smelling like wet dog after a bit.

If you need something that will dry quickly and be easy to use for nursery, how about BumGenius BTP pockets? They are by no means my favourite of my fluff but I find they are ruddy reliable. Being pockets you don't have the faff of two-parters so they are pretty idiot nursery-proof. And they come with microfibre inserts so very quick to dry.

No good for nights in my experience though I hear some people use them overnight successfully.

caen Sun 09-Aug-09 21:00:36

I have microfibre Little Lambs and they leak without fail. It's put me off all microfibre.

GYo Tue 11-Aug-09 21:57:35

Thanks, I did mean microfibre not fleece

Thats bad news about the lambs leaking. Anyone else had the same experience?

4andnotout Tue 11-Aug-09 22:12:59

I think mfibre has the compression effect so making it more prone to leaks, yet is absorbs fast but it is like a sponge that when it is compressed the wet leaks out. HTH a bit.

KirstyJC Wed 12-Aug-09 13:33:35

Microfibre are great for a couple of hours in the day, but no good at all for long periods or nights - they leak without fail! I only use them when I am expecting him to poo so don't need to absorbancy.

I second the pockets - esp Bum Genius - very good and dry well.

I had one microfibre Little lambs and needed more nappies but I bought cotton instead. Good compromise for day times - still dry in one day on the line but lasts longer than miscrofibre. Would still go for bamboo at nights though - although my LO can use Bum Genius as he doesn't wee much.

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