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ds still not dry at night, not a problem, but what's best - sleep pants (nappies) or waterproof sheets?

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TheEarthIsFlat Sat 08-Aug-09 14:12:28

He's a really deep sleeper & can't help it. Does also have the very occasional accident if he naps during the day. He wears sleep pants, which are really disposable nappies, and takes them off as soon as he wakes up.

Should I let him carry on like this or strip the bed each time he wets, which really will be at least once every night? Worried that if we do this he won't sleep as well & this will have an adverse effect on his behaviour (just the right side of good). Also, the duvet ends up smelling - biiigg wees. Does having to help change the wet bedding really help some children become dry at night? ds is 6.5 by the way. Many thanks.

TheEarthIsFlat Sat 08-Aug-09 16:47:24


ches Sun 09-Aug-09 02:21:38

What happens if you wake him and make him walk to the loo for a wee before you go to bed? What time of night does he wet?

norktasticninja Sun 09-Aug-09 07:54:34

I'd try lifting him as ches suggests. Also, you can make night time bed changes easier by making the bed up with two setts of bedding.

Put a waterproof sheet and an under sheet on as normal and then put another waterproof sheet across the bed (the short way) cover with a towel and a second under sheet also placed cross-ways on the bed. This method is easier to change than two layers of bedding made up the normal way, but if his wees are so big you get leaks you'll need to change over to two layers the normal way around.

I wouldn't make him change the bed himself though, that might be upsetting/humiliating for him.

Good luck!

JollyPirate Sun 09-Aug-09 08:14:43

I'd go with a waterproof sheet. My DS who is also 6.5 has wet beds too.
I put the waterproof sheet between 2 sheets, that way if he's wet all I need to do is take off the top sheet and the waterproof one and hey presto - dry sheets. Depends if he's a "wet once a night" boy or a multiple wetter though.

Also have you tried approaching the school nurse for an alarm if it's the deep sleep which is the problem. They are very good I only ever had one failure as a nurse with these. That was a little boy (7) who deep-slept his way through the alarm which woke everyone else in his house! I have told his Mum that when he's an adult with a partner and new baby it is unlikely he will wake for night feeds - and his partner/wife will then come to MN and moan (she was an MNer too).

As for lifting - you can try this but make sure he is well awake for his wee. Otherwise he will be weeing almost unconsciously - something you want to avoid.

GP could prescribe medication too (if the wetting is multiple times a night) which will reduce the amount of wee his body produces at night.

TheEarthIsFlat Mon 10-Aug-09 10:19:06

Thanks for the comments, we've got a fitted waterproof & a flat waterproof sheet, so can accommodate 2 or 3 wees per night without having to remake the bed. Was worried that sleeping in his own wee might be upsetting or uncomfortable, but I guess not (it would me, but I'm a tad older than 6 grin). Also, from a cost point of view probably about the same if we end up doing an extra wash a day. Will think about it & possibly keep 'pants' for when we're away from home.

Lifting him would definitely not work, though can see how it would for others. He sleeps very deeply & wakes very slowly. Would probably distress him & yes, he would probably gush over me! as sometimes he seems to wee as he's coming to.

Thanks for all the ideas!

Wilts Mon 10-Aug-09 10:33:39

THeearthisflat- My ds2 is 6.10 and still bed wetting. We have been seeing the school nurse and are now awaiting a referral to Enuresis clinic.

It may be worth contacting the school nurse initially as we have just been through some simple things with her, increasing bladder capacity, checking for infection etc.

Ds2 is also still in pull- ups, he wets so often during the night, I think by morning he would be floating round hid bed if he didn't wear them grin

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