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Best night nappy?

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elk4baby Thu 06-Aug-09 12:34:32

We're using the two part reusables day and night. Currently, on FlexiTots during the day (really happy with these) and boosted ME Sandy's at night. My DS is growing out of the Sandy's and I'm wondering if there's anything better out there for night time use. He's quite a heavy wetter, so we had to boost the ME as they seem a bit thin. I'd appreciate recommendations. I would prefer a two part system, but if you think AIOs are better for night time... I'm open to suggestions .

greensnail Thu 06-Aug-09 13:05:00

We use Ella's House bumhuggers or tots bots fluffles at night. Never had any problems with either of these.

swampfire Thu 06-Aug-09 13:15:16

Definitely two-parters for nights. Flexitots are great for us for nights, Sandy's are sweet but not much use even during the day!

For nights I love Baby Beehinds bamboo nappies. I haven't tried the hemp ones but imagine they would be just as good. And I have just got some Holden's Landing Bedbugs which are seriously lush but seriously pricey.

A current favourite with my clothie mates <<waves>> is an Upsy Daisy in French soy but I haven't tried one. And I hear Weenotions Nightnotions are fabby too.

Oh, and I don't find Bumhuggers last all night, and, while Fluffles do, they tend to smell like wet dogs by the morning.

For covers, its got to be fleece or wool.

elk4baby Thu 06-Aug-09 17:56:03

Thanks, swampfire! Do you know anything about the BumGenius nappies? Are they good for night use? They're quite highly rated...

NappyPolice Thu 06-Aug-09 18:05:27

OK as a day nappy, but fairly useless as a night nappy.

Best night nappy: 1. BBH with a Tots Bots wrap 2. Flexitot boosted with bamboo and Flexiwrap.

Octothechildherder Thu 06-Aug-09 18:36:47

Lollipop bamboo are great overnight - in fact any of the bamboo two parters. Why not the flexitots overnight?

Octothechildherder Thu 06-Aug-09 18:37:33

BG are good nappies buy not an overnighter - maybe try a close parent pop in.

twoclimbingboys Thu 06-Aug-09 18:57:50

My favourites are probably soy Upsy Daisy Night Nappies (waves back at swampster!)

I also really rate Wee Notions Night Notions

Holden's Landings Bedbugs are also fab and very luxurious (possibly not quite as absorbent as the other UDNNs or WNNNs but fine on my 2 boys)

Fleece wraps and wool also what we use overnight

swampfire Thu 06-Aug-09 19:38:25

I am the pocket-nappy queen but I haven't dared chance any pockets overnight since DS3 was about two or three months old. I did use BGs overnight until then though.

<<waves back at TCB and wonders who NappyPolice really is>>

ilovemydogandmrobama Thu 06-Aug-09 20:04:02

Ooops! Forgot to change back...

<<waves to Swampster>>

Have started another general chat thread....

elk4baby Thu 06-Aug-09 20:19:18

I haven't tried the FlexiTots overnight, to be honest... DS always does a poo early in the morning and likes to be in his side when sleeping, so I figured they might leak at the leg. Please correct me if this is not the case.. hmm

ilovemydogandmrobama Thu 06-Aug-09 20:23:39

Flexitot with bamboo boosters make it through the night. although sometimes I add a fluffles booster to make it fluffy. grin

DS has skinny legs, so find that if boosted, makes a difference to the gussets.

norktasticninja Thu 06-Aug-09 20:41:14

I use either a Tots Bots bamboozle or a Easy Peasy bambesay with bamboo and hemp boosters (and an ME Airfow). Both work well.

I prefer the babeasy because they have an integral fleece liner which forms a pocket so I can pre-stuff them with the boosters. It makes them easier to put on too.

Hemp boosters (under bamboo) are the best thing ever in a night nappy IMHO.

norktasticninja Thu 06-Aug-09 20:43:16

I have had occasional leakage at the leg from the nappy it's self but it's never got past my trusty Airflows.

swampfire Thu 06-Aug-09 20:50:24

And, of course, if you are worried about overstuffing a nappy and losing your grip round the legs, boost between nappy and wrap - that saved me from turning to despicables at night before I discovered BBH!

swampfire Thu 06-Aug-09 20:50:44

<<snogs dog>>

swampfire Thu 06-Aug-09 20:51:15

<<andMrObama grin>>

norktasticninja Thu 06-Aug-09 21:00:30

Boosting beteewn nappy and wrap can indeed be a real lifesaver. Hemp is ideal.

swampfire Thu 06-Aug-09 21:00:49

Old Gen Chat thread still going strong, ilmd.

ilovemydogandmrobama Thu 06-Aug-09 21:13:53

Oh fair enough.

Will leave y'all to it...

Yorky Thu 06-Aug-09 21:16:02

Another vote for lollipop bamboo, with either a lollipop or ME wrap. DD is waking for a quick drink too much overnight atm so heavy wetting but a pop in with extra booster can hold her!
I don't find pockets hold enough stuffing to cope with her!

Octothechildherder Thu 06-Aug-09 21:25:07

try the flexitot with a booster before you buy more - remember with a flexitot that due to the white techy fabric layer you will need to put the booster inside the nappy rather than between the nappy and cover smile

elk4baby Fri 07-Aug-09 13:37:08

I'm having some trouble finding the UD Night Nappies (soy terry). There's one I managed to find on eBay, but it's a Minkee pocket nappy - is it the same thing?! blush

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 07-Aug-09 13:55:18

elk4 - I am after a UDNN too. I think either their website isn't working properly, or they aren't taking new orders at the moment. The only things I can see as products are all the various embriodery designs etc.

elk4baby Fri 07-Aug-09 18:01:36

Oh, also re: bamboozles - are aplix or popper fasteners better?

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