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Been potty training daughter 5days but holds wees!

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smiler55 Tue 24-May-05 22:22:17

Hi everyone. Anyone have any advice. My daughter is 2 in a few weeks and seems ready for toilet training. The second day went well-we had small wee and a poo in the potty then the next 2 days mostly unsuccessful. Today for instance (5th day) she did a poo on the potty this morning after asking for the party-GREAT! But holds her wees for ages,clearly needing to go and asking for potty,sometimes willingly sitting on it but can't seem to wee other times won't go on it-then ineveitably it gets too much and wees on the floor!
Any tips/advice?

Fran1 Tue 24-May-05 22:35:31

My dd did this too, and still does occasionally. Although she always goes as soon as she does sit on the toilet its just sometimes she is too busy to get to the toilet!
I did take her to the doc at one point and he tested her urine and all was well.

I think its just important to continue all the usual stuff, like don't make a fuss.

What i did wonder with my dd is if she quite enjoyed the attention she got when she was hopping around quite obviously desperate for a wee! So i ignore this now and wait for her to say she needs a wee.

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