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how do you get them to ask??

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nelix2000 Wed 05-Aug-09 12:13:23

DS is 2.5, starts playgroup in 3 weeks...he toilet trained in 3 days no issues, dry at night etc. Thing is he just takes himself to potty or toilet, we dont need to ask him. Issue is,,,he does not ask to go either!

In playgroup he will be expected to ask to go to the toilet, how can I get him to do this?? There is hope as the other day in sainsburys he shouted "wee wee" and we ran him to the loo....but still......any help/advice greatly received!!

caykon Wed 05-Aug-09 14:26:38

he may do it automatically I never taught my dd to ask and she never had problems when she started playgroup.
Maybe close some doors so he cant get to toilet / potty and see what he does.

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