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Toddler ok using potty at home but going out a disaster

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Rubberplant Mon 03-Aug-09 14:52:14

We started potty training last Monday and 30 month old toddler seems to have got the hang of things with the odd accident every now and then.

But how do you cope with going out?

So far we've done a wee on the slide at the play park. Wet the car seat. Done a wee in pants at the beach etc.

We're trying to get him to ask when he needs to go, but at the moment we've had no luck.

I don't want to put toddler into a nappy to go out but am now considering pull ups.

Any suggestions?

Rubberplant Mon 03-Aug-09 14:53:17

Of course when I say "We've" done a wee on the slide at the play park I mean my toddler not both of us!!

theyoungvisiter Mon 03-Aug-09 15:07:58

we had the same for a while and pullups were the answer for us. I was incredibly resistant to them - not sure why! But they worked and it only took a few weeks before he was dry out and about as well.

The potty trinaing book I used (Potty Training for Boys) actually suggests that you wait until they have got it at home for several weeks before going nappy-free out and about, as they acknowledge it as a separate situation, much like night nappies.

If you think the feeling of wetness is important to the training then you can get washable training pants which are like fabric nappies but pull up and down. Perhaps a solution?

Rubberplant Mon 03-Aug-09 15:10:42

Thanks theyoungvisiter, I also feel resistant to using pullups but given your comments I think I may be buying some!

theyoungvisiter Mon 03-Aug-09 15:15:21

good luck!

BTW loving your "wee on the slide" comment wink

Wait until he's got the idea - it gets more embarrassing. I turned around the other day to find my 3yo toddler had pulled his pants and trousers down and was liberally watering the park primroses in a special side-to-side sprinkling motion, full view of a group of mums who were all ptsl!

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