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nighttime - how long to perservere?

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DisasterZone Sun 02-Aug-09 21:04:48

DD is was easily toilet trained and dry during daytime at 2yrs. I kept waiting for the pull up to be dry at night and it never happened. I brought up trying to go without and she was very resistant but agreed that we'd try when she was 4. She was 4 last week and keen to keep up the bargain. We've gone 3 nights now and each night I've lifted her, and she's done a wee. However despite that she's woken me as she's wet again once between 1 - 3am. Then back to bed and dry in the morning.

Despite tapering evening drinks to just sips post-dinner. Previously, her nappy has been really soaking in the morning so I'm wondering how we can get beyond the fact that she's producing a lot of urine at night??

So, do I do this indefinitely or will she start to wake before wetting at some point? She doesn't want the potty in her room... any ideas? I read on Nappylady a suggestion to get them to hold for longer during the day to increase capacity.

I'm not that into the idea of lifting either but it seems to be pretty essential right now..

Seona1973 Sun 02-Aug-09 22:08:14

it is not unusual to still be wet at the age of 4. If your lo hasnt managed to stay dry despite lifting then maybe she is just not ready to be dry at night. Night time dryness is linked to a hormonr that suppresses urine production at night. Until your lo produces that hormone, she will not be dry at night despite her willingness to try. I would go back to pull ups for a while and then try again and see how she gets on.

Seona1973 Sun 02-Aug-09 22:08:50

hormone is what I meant!!

ches Mon 03-Aug-09 02:01:58

When you lift her, do you make her walk to the bathroom or do you bring the potty in to her? I've got up in the night to wee my whole life.

frottie Tue 04-Aug-09 17:45:31

does having a nappy a night delay day time dryness? I am having the same problem with my little girl aged 4 and I am lifting her at night when i go to bed although i dont want to but she will wee at about 3 am if i don't. She has been dry in the day since 2 but recently she has gone back to having accidents, often up to 3 or 4 in a day.

Someone suggested I try removing the nappies at night as i may be confusing her. We are on the fourth night and i am just at a loss now as to what is right.

If i am having to lift her is she just simply not ready? If I go back to nappies will I make the day time accidents worse?

If anyone has any other suggestions would be grateful. She is starting school in sept and I wanted it all sorted before she went, mainly the day time accidents. thanks

DisasterZone Tue 04-Aug-09 20:46:51

Frottie, as you can see from above as I started the link to get advice, I'm no expert....but I'm thinking maybe you should deal with one thing at a time. If school is approaching, daytime dryness is a bigger issue and she might get freaked at school if she wets herself. Perhaps there is too much going on for her. Perhaps, like my 4 yr old she's a busy bee and forgets to go, so maybe you need to remind her more. Although I find that falls on deaf ears so I go myself. DD always follows me and low and behold wants to go too.

We've had 3 dry nights following the first 3 wet nights so I'm not counting my chickens yet but it's making me hopeful... yes, I'm still lifting her and varying the time so it doesn't become habitual. She's pretty much peeing on the loo whilst asleep and I carry her in.

Good luck!

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