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Nappy rash help please

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wellbalanced Fri 31-Jul-09 16:32:54

My DS 15wk old is in reuseables- AIO Totsbots, Bumgenius, weeenotions, Blueberry's and Itti bitt's and at the moment (prob teeth) has awful explosions of which i change straight away but still he has a very sore bottom, I was told not to use cream with reuseables is that right? Even with paper liner?
We have plenty of nappy free time and at night (disposable) i plaster his bottom with cream and its alot better by am...

twoclimbingboys Fri 31-Jul-09 17:10:46

Cream is fine to use with cloth - Blake used to need barrier cream at every nappy change. I just used to make sure I used a fleece liner (to protect the nappy, as cream can damage the absorbency).

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