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Dude still wears his longies despite no night nappies...

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Flamesparrow Wed 29-Jul-09 19:29:46

He calls them his fluffy trousers for bed...

BUT they are all looking a bit on the short side.

Do I spend £20 odd getting another pair made for him, or just hope he gets over it when they are gone? Thinking I could end up babying him forever this way, but at the same time, taking his snuggly pjs away seems mean too.

twoclimbingboys Wed 29-Jul-09 22:29:44

Hello Flame - I don't think there is any harm in him still wearing them at all. If they are getting short just call them crops!

I bought these (off lallysmum) recently - they have been tried on (briefly) but never worn. They are quite hard to get a huge night nappy over and too long in the leg for either of my boys atm. I paid £15 posted and I would be happy to swap them for large bamboo sandys from your nappy clearance?

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