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Potty Training dd 2years old... help

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crazylovelifelady Wed 29-Jul-09 11:21:17

DD nearly always does reallly well at home, when I first started she had very few accidents. But now when I go out she wets her self on short journeys in the car. And lots of times when out and about.

After this she started having more accidents at home as well.

Do you think by using pull up pants while out prolong the process?

I have got a travel potty but she doesn't seem too keen on it.

And when there is something exciting going on she completely forgets about the potty.

melsy Wed 29-Jul-09 11:27:59

Quite normal to go backawards after some time with being dry. Just re-inforce the steps you took during the training and if she doesnt want to use the potty then Id suggest moving to toilet only with a padded seat. I keep potties for the car and emergencies only now.

Id also say to stay away from pull ups, the message is knickers now, no going back, well obviously unless there's health reasons too.

Sometimes a mild cold can make the pass water more frequently?


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