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dd has had 6 accidents in 2 days since swimming.

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ilovetochat Tue 28-Jul-09 20:32:45

dd is 2 and potty trained since april, she has an accident if very engrossed in play sometimes but its once a fortnight max.
i took her swimming yesterday and i think she weed in the pool, since then she has wet her pants 6 times, a couple of times she has stopped herself and finished on the potty but the rest she has just weed and not even told us.(wheras normally if she has an accident she says oh no oh on and is clearly upset).
i am ignoring it and changing her and reminding her but she keeps saying she doesnt need a wee.
dp had to bring her back from the park in just a tshirt as she had no clothes left.
do you think the pool has confised her? on hol when she was in her swim suit she had a few accidents as i think she thought she could wee and there was no problem.

BlueSmarties Wed 29-Jul-09 20:22:07

possibly - maybe she picked up mild bladder infection - my ds does this sometimes so I just give him loads to drink to flush it out then he's better next day.

ilovetochat Wed 29-Jul-09 21:55:47

today i have sat her on potty/toilet every hour, whether she asked or not, and she got 6 smileys and 1 sad face on the revived chart so not as bad, but she kept saying she didnt want a wee then weeing in the potty.

i think it may be she has got bored of asking and she is very lazy standing expecting me to pull her trouserd=s down etc. so i have made her stop what she is doing, come upstairs and get washed and changed if she had an accident but no comments on it.

hopefully it will sort itself out?

ilovetochat Mon 03-Aug-09 14:25:35

dd can use the potty when she wants and used it all day sunday but today has weed in her pjs and on the floor just as we were going out. i have taken her swimming twice since my last post but didnt put a swim nappy on as i thought they might have been confusing her (dont know why i was still using them).
do kids sometimes regress after a few months of being potty trained.

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