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This doesn't feel right....

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tatty33 Tue 28-Jul-09 14:04:34

Trying hard to potty train my ds while Childminder is on holiday for 2 weeks ( he is 27 months old - he was 2 in march)

he'll happily sit on the potty - esp as it means TV goes on hmm , and will sometimes do a wee, but no where near asking for it himself. does that mean he's not ready?

also I feel he's sitting on it for longer than being off it doing other things, IYSWIM, surely he's going to get bored and end up resenting it soon - that or have TV goggles!

Any tips gratefully received

sockonmyhead Tue 28-Jul-09 21:26:36

It does sound as if he isn't ready yet. I think maybe you should just leave it until he is showing a bit more interest.

27 months is not late at all for potty training so you don't need to worry. I know it is really frustrating and you just want them to do it. DS1 was out of nappies at 2 1/2 but DD is thoroughly uninterested and she is now 29 months.

I'm not sure I have any helpful tips, you really just have to wait for him to be more ready!

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