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Toilet-trained DD wet herself 5 times yesterday

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choppychopster Tue 28-Jul-09 09:07:49

At nursery and then at home DD (2.10 y.o) wet herself five times yesterday. She's been fairly reliably toilet trained since before Christmas with just the odd accident once every one or two weeks - usually after she wakes from a nap. Her keyworker at nursery has just left, but she knows the two members of staff in her room and seems to like them, so I don't think she's scared of asking to go to the toilet or anything like that. I wondered whether she might have a urine infection? Any ideas?

Thanks! smile

If it happens again today then take her to the Dr (with wee sample in jar) and they will test for urine infection. My DD went through a stage of this when she was 5. No UTI, but the HV said she could be dehydrated 'cos of the hot weatehr and not drinking enough. So strangely we had to get her to drink mroe and then she was fine.

stresedoutmumof3 Tue 28-Jul-09 09:59:45

Hi there, I have been toilet training my youngest son since May this year and it is really stressing me out. He is 3 on 28 August and due to start nursery on 29 September and I have been told by the school that he must be done. My eldest son is staying with MIL for a week in the hope that we can crack now. My middle child (daughter) is always playing with my youngest child and he often forgets himself. I did start off by having a potty chair downstairs and a toilet seat on the toilet upstairs and a stool next to the toilet, he seems to know when he needs to wee as he will run upstairs, but knowing when he needs to do a poo is a different matter. Yesterday, I was putting on for a poo every hour or so and nothing all day, and then this morning my hubby was up early and hubby took off his nappy and he did a wee in the toilet, and then he put him in pull ups and then my daughter woke me up to say he had filled his pants!! My son wears underpants during the day and if i go out there is always a potty in the back of the car and he always says when the car has stopped that he needs to go. I feel like it is a competition with other parents with children of a similar age to my son, they will say that they had their child done in 2 days or a week. Any suggestions anyone please!!!

choppychopster Tue 28-Jul-09 18:40:15

Thanks StripeyKickers. She had two accidents at nursery today and has been asking for the toilet very frequently, so will take her to the docs. I asked her if it hurt or felt funny when she weed and she said that it did, but not sure if she thought that was what I wanted to hear or whether it actually does.

Stressedoutmumof3 - I'm afraid that I'm one of those annoying parents whose child cracked potty training in a week (until yesterday, that is!). Sounds like you're doing all the right things by having seats and steps easily accessible and prompting him to try sitting on the loo for a while. We found a few days at home without pants and a potty in the lounge as a prompt helped when DD was training. I also believe that using chocolate buttons as a reward for poos in the potty is quite popular with quite a few MNers.

stresedoutmumof3 Tue 28-Jul-09 22:10:19

Thanks choppy chopster. I appreciate your advice smile. I have been to the shops tonight to stock up on supplies to see if that persuades him. Does it sound to u as if he is almost there? I keep on thinking why is he just not getting it - he was a late walker and didn't walk until 22 months or he is just being a typical lazy boy.

Pickle24 Mon 03-Aug-09 06:41:30

We started potty training back in the spring and its 50/50 at the moment. At home he does half in the potty and half on the floor. Outside he always has accidents. And he has never done a poo anywhere but his pants or nappy.

My partner thinks we should just put him back in nappies. I think we should persevere.

Any thoughts??

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