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Is almost 3yrs an ok age to potty train a boy???

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Diddle Mon 23-May-05 10:37:27

I am a CM and i am potty training a little boy who is almost 3 yrs, we have tried training him a few months ago, but he really didn't seem to get the hang of it. So now we are trying again. I this a normal age for a boy to be potty training or have we left it too late? he doesn;t seem to be picking it up at all, and doesn't tell me whe he wants the potty, He doesn't even like the potty very much, and when he does have an accident or manages to get a wee in the potty he seems very surprised and a little worried. I knwo he has never had a bad potty training experience, so i can't understand why he is so worried.
Anyone have any ideas of how i can encourage him. I've tried the stickers. Doesn't work.
He's quite good at holding it in for long periods but when he does have a wee, he doesn't seem to know hes' done it.
He doesn't always want his pants on and i feel reluctant to force him, but sometimes feel that this may be the only way.

Mum2girls Mon 23-May-05 10:42:54

No experience of potty-training little boys, but just wanted to say that I don't think you can ever be too late to start, but maybe too early. Friends with boys and girls generally tell me that boys can take longer to potty train. Kids are all different, maybe he's just not ready.

dinosaur Mon 23-May-05 10:56:21

You certainly haven't left it too late. I've got two DSs, now aged nearly four and nearly six.

Potty-training DS1 was a slow process and he wasn't dry during the day until well past his third birthday. We did start trying in the summer when he turned three.

DS2 was much easier, but even so we had a failed attempt at two and a half (he just wasn't interested) and didn't start again until shortly before his third birthday. He did cotton on quite quickly then but it wasn't painfree either - in particular we bought numerous pairs of pants before I found some he would actually wear!

So you definitely haven't left it too late .

dinosaur Mon 23-May-05 10:56:47

(I should say, I've got three DSs - but the little one is too young for potty-training yet!)

SoupDragon Mon 23-May-05 10:58:42

DSs were both trained about 3 months before their 3rd birthdays. We also tried a couple of months befor that attempt and it was a disaster. They were ready a couple of months later though, DS1 trained within a week, DS2 a fortnight.

throckenholt Mon 23-May-05 11:08:50

DS1 was just over 3 - so not too late - some take longer than others.

Prettybird Mon 23-May-05 11:13:15

Had a couple of attempt with ds the summer before he was 3 (September baby) and then again when we were on holiday just after his birthday, when we tried the "running around naked" technique. Netiher worked, as he wasn't ready.

Tried again when he was nearly 3 and a half and this time it worked. A couple of days of 2accidents" and then sorted. he was dry overnight almost immediately afterwards with only one accident when he was absolutely zonked (had been up to after midnight at his grandparents Golden Wedding Aniiversarey party).

So from the sound of it, your wee boy is not yet ready.

BTW, ds is now 4.8. Next thing we need to conquer is him cleaning his bum properly after a poo, as he starts school in August!

kathbrown Thu 26-May-05 20:32:35

i have tryed potty training mine he will go on the toilet no prob but at just turned two and a half he is not telling me when he needs to go

charlie72 Fri 27-May-05 22:18:09

my daughter had potty training down to a tee when she was just turned 2. My son was 3mths off being 3 before he was even aware of what a wee was!!!

He hated the potty & kept saying it hurt him so we bought one that looks like a chair (with whinny the pooh on it) and he was using it within a couple of days - he was even dry through the night within 2 wks!!!

I think its pointless even trying when they're just not ready for it; it only leaves everyone stressed. I'd be tempted to leave it for a couple of weeks & see if he starts telling you when he needs a wee.

Good luck


Janh Fri 27-May-05 22:21:43

DS2 was trained pretty much overnight at 3 and a bit - we went on holiday just before this and it was easier to leave him in nappies for that. Even so he was still pretty random, but when he weed on the floor in Woolies (after being invited to go before we went out) and I went a bit ballistic he was sorted more or less immediately. (Probably traumatised for life but you can't have everything )

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