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Potty training causing sleep problems??

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ziggyf Sun 26-Jul-09 21:53:18


Can anyone help me, I'm soooooo tired!

My DS decided he didn't want to wear nappies last week so he's been nappy-less and using the potty since Thursday. It's going incredibly well so far, no accidents since Friday and no poo accidents at all so far! I'm just waiting for the novelty to wear off......

Anyway, he's been a good sleeper for the last few months but in the last few nights his sleep has been TERRIBLE!! He's been up countless times and is desperate to sleep in our bed cuddled up to me. Now, he's really quite independent during the day (although he does like his cuddles) but at night he's become extremely clingy. So, my question is - do you think the potty training and sleep problems connected? Anyone else had the same problem? And secondly, how do I deal with it?? I'd rather not have him in with us every night as it took quite a while to get him sleeping full nights by himself and I think this would be even harder now that he is in a big boy bed.


Thank you :0)

Z xx

twistedficus Sun 26-Jul-09 22:06:36

Hi, you dont say how old he is?

My DS is 4 in Oct and has been dry in day for 1 1/2 years but pullups have always been soaking at night.
Yesterday took the plunge and pout him to bed without one but took an age to fall asleep, I think hes worried about wetting in his sleep.
Im very laid back about it all and have spoare pjs and bedding all ready to go. Anyway what a miracle he was dry all night. Whilst im sure it is a first time fluke the point is if you think hes ready tell him its not a problem for you if he has an accident and hopefully he'll relax.
Good luck

ziggyf Mon 27-Jul-09 11:01:16

Thank you and yay for your DS being dry at night grin

He's 21 months so i'm pretty sure he's not ready to go the whole night without an accident but maybe I'm wrong?? He hates having accidents during the day though so I was wondering whether it was bothering him at night? Last night when he came in to my room he was practically asleep - can you get them to wee when they're asleep?!

God I am so clueless about thie potty training lark, must sound such a numpty blush. Are there any books out there that tell you how to do it?

Z xx

twistedficus Mon 27-Jul-09 21:59:51

Wow hes very young yet, but then gues my d.s is prob too old is some people eyes. Still did 2nd dry night in a row last night so seems to have clicked.

Just relax about it al, thats the nest advice I had when I was stressing like mad when we were training him in the day. Such hard work but as I read in a magazine when you look back on it in years to come you will realise it was only a 'wee problem' after all :O

ches Tue 28-Jul-09 03:38:17

We pop DS onto the potty before going to bed ourselves (he wakes up to wee -- if he doesn't wake up he doesn't wee, just sleeps sitting on his potty with his head on my knee ) and when he wakes up. He's dry if we lift him early in the night as he has bedtime milk.

ziggyf Tue 28-Jul-09 08:21:41

you're right tf - this is just a stage isn't it? And it's early days. I just don't want him to be unhappy and unsettled. I think he's far too young too but I didn't have much say in the matter! I think I'm going to have the same prob with night training too - last night I went in about half an hour after I put him to bed and he'd taken off his pjs and his pull up and was naked on his bed lol!

ches - ah bless grin Will try the lifting to see if that helps his sleeping!

Z xx

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