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what to buy and what size for my DD ?

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GYo Thu 23-Jul-09 12:23:23

DD is 17wks and slim and relatively light at only 13.5 lbs.

We've been using some size 0 original totsbots plus totsbots wraps - which have been great but have to give them back now as my friend is due her new baby very soon.

DD is way too small for the next size tots bots (18lbs plus) and I dont really want to buy the small size for a short period of time so I need to find an alternative..

I looked at Lollipop micros which I like the look of (and price) - they have a size starting at 16lbs- does anyone know how big these are? would they swap DD and leak at the moment?

Can anyone recommend anything else? Ideally quick drying (found the tots bots quite slow to dry when its not hot and sunny out) dont have a tumble dryer) and will last course to the potty.

Thank you!

allaboutme Thu 23-Jul-09 12:27:04

would the small size last such a short time though?
if she is 13lb now, which is small for her age then she prob wont be 18lb for a good 6 months or so and you'll get plenty of use out of the small nappies in that time!

TheNatty Thu 23-Jul-09 15:21:22

and it doesnt matter so much if they are a bit big as long as the wraps are a good tight fit, worse that will happen is the poo will leak onto the wrap inner.
i have several Little Lambs (my fav btw, also have totbots) which the elastic in the legs has completly gone, yet i can still use them with a good fitting wrap.

check out Little Lambs, the microfibre (or is it microterry?) are fast drying and stay soft unlike tots bots.

twoclimbingboys Thu 23-Jul-09 15:32:36

motheraese sandys (especially if they are bamboo) are fab with motheraese airflow wraps. You could get those preloved and then sell them on at the same price or a little less. Look on the sale board here, ukparentslounge and clothnappytree. They are slow drying.

There are some size 1 fluffles (fitteds) listed on cnt at the moment. They are bulkier than the cotton tots but very fast drying. I even used those overnight successfully with a little extra bamboo in the pocket.

LovingtheSilverFox Thu 23-Jul-09 15:43:44

Bamboo nappies are nice and slim, but very slow drying, very very slow! Fast drying are the micro fibre, although they are bulky. I use the bambinex size 2 which are adjustable, and of course there are always the good old fashioned cotton ones, the flat ones dry very quickly.

KirstyJC Thu 23-Jul-09 15:51:03

How about birth to potty nappies? I have a couple of Easy Peasy Bambeasy BTP and they are very good - plenty of room to grow into. They are slow drying though but I think they do microfibre ones? A good wrap should sort out any problems with fit.

Also, what about one-size pockets? I have BumGenius and they can fold and popper down to quite small. They dry quickly (overnight for inserts, couple of hours for outsides) and they will last until she's big enough for the potty, so cheaper than buying 2 sizes. They also work at night for us, although I think some people can't use them overnights. Maybe get a couple preloved and try them?

I also second Little lambs - they are great! The bamboo is SO soft and the cotton are really good too. Not sure about the sizings on a small baby (DS2 is very chubby) but as they are cheaper to buy you might find they are worth it. Their wraps are very good too.

TheNatty Thu 23-Jul-09 16:38:17

size one little lambs and onesize Bum genious are both a good fit on my newborn (he is 8lb 6oz) and not to bulky.

GYo Sun 26-Jul-09 15:00:23

thanks for the all the suggestions. I am looking into it, think I might try some samples.

DD temporarily back in disposables and I really hate it!

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