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Help! 3YO DS just not a bit interested in potty training!

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mamadiva Wed 22-Jul-09 08:32:54

DS turned 3 at the end of June and we have been trying to get him atleast used to sitting on the potty since about Februaury but he has just never been interested.

He won't sit on the toilet or potty, he's never done the toilet in either. We've tried putting pants on him and just leaving him to see if he'd learn that being wet is just not nice but he does not give a damn.

When he has pants he does'nt say a word when he needs infact I don't think he knows when he needs to go but he just stands there and wets himself staring at his 'bits' (As he calls them )

SSurely he should be showing some sort of interest by now, has anyone else been through this and how do you sort it out?

All of his friends are in pants all day some younger and some older.

I just feel like he will never learn!

mufti Wed 22-Jul-09 08:47:00

symapthies to you. i am watching and waiting for replies as well , i have exactly the same situation.
hv suggested letting ds sit on potty or toilet dressed, but he refuses
its really getting me down
he will stay in a poohey nappy if i dont notice

mamadiva Wed 22-Jul-09 08:51:12

Sorry your having this problem too but glad it's not just us wink

DS is exactly the same he just does'nt seem tocare if he's dirty, clean, dry or wet.

And the same with the toilet refuse to sit regardless of being dressed or not. Such a pain!

bubblagirl Wed 22-Jul-09 08:52:46

dont be hard on yourself leave pants off show him potty look heres the pottys i had one in living room bathroom and his bedroom were ground floor flat whatever room he went into i showed him where the potty was i would play a game see who can sit on potty fastest and thats how i got him sitting but in all honesty he preferred to stand and wee so we put old towels on floor under pottys never mentioned about the aiming until he was more confident

i found it easier to be relaxed and to just show him if he wees i used to quickly sit on potty even if last bit went in id praise him and give him chocolate button then say if you can do big wee in there you can have some more

he gradually became more aware but not with pants on he'd get confused thinking they were nappies it was much better without when he was more confident we added a layer so pants then again when got used to them loose shorts

but i did have to watch him and just take him to start with so if he'd shift from foot to foot hold his willy i knew so id quickly sit him on potty with lots of over the top praise dancing and singing from bear in big blue house lol wee wee on the potty made huge fuss

my ds was dry properly at 3.6 please dont get sucked into the my kids been try since 3 mths rubbish there dry when there ready my ds is 4.2 and still in night nappies it'll happen when it happens

Jas Wed 22-Jul-09 08:56:29


Seriously, when they are applying for university places, the fact that they were still in nappies at three won't come up!

I tried the stressing, worrying, and encouraging with my dds at 2.6 and 3. It was pointless and upsetting, and neither of them were reliably dry until over 3.

With ds, at 3 he was just as you described. At 3.6, he decided he was ready and has been so easy to train as he wanted t do it and was really ready.

Good luck.

bubblagirl Wed 22-Jul-09 08:56:58

make a wee chart together i had one for just sitting on potty he got a sticker the more he relaxed the more in dependant he got i never asked just told him it was time to sit on potty every 30 mins or so gradually he was doing it on his own

my ds never asked for a wee if out it meant just going in every toilet we came across he has only just started telling me when he wants to go his 4 now

so just take charge and dont wait for him his never had to tell you so its a habit not to just oh you need a wee sit on toilet he will get more in control of his body with his wants and needs but in the meantime dont wait for him just keep taking him

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