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Advice please for cloth virgin - which wraps and nappies?

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scarlotti Tue 21-Jul-09 21:19:10

Hi there

Am pg with dc3 and this time am determined to use cloth nappies - and quite excited by it all!

I've just won an eBay auction for 5 cotton totsbots and 4 bamboo totsbots. A friend has also lent me some first size little lamb cotton nappies with boosters and wraps.

What wraps do I need for the totsbots ones? Do I have to use totsbots wraps? I'd like some patterned ones so as to have variety.

I'm also keen for the nappies to be slim fitting so we can re-use the clothes I've kept from DS, plus I don't like newborns to have anything too bulky. I think the totsbots nappies are relatively slim fitting though - is this right?

Thanks in advance for any help grin

afterglow Wed 22-Jul-09 08:03:51

I didn't use cloth from new-born, but can really recommend Thirsties wraps. they're not patterned but are in gorgeous colours and I found them to work very well.

MrsBadger Wed 22-Jul-09 08:48:22

You can use more or less any wrap over any nappy, so the LL wraps should fit fine over the totsbots, although the totsbots wraps aren;t bad either.

For newborns I liked Motherease Airflow wraps best as they popper at the sides so have no stiff velcro band across the tum -they're also very good at containing explosive bf poo.

scarlotti Wed 22-Jul-09 09:34:01

Thanks for the advice. Am trying desperately to restrict any more purchases until baby arrives so I can see what suits us/him best.

Am definitely liking the sound of the motherease airflow wraps for newborns, containing explosive poo is definitely high up my list of proiorities! grin

ilovemydogandmrobama Wed 22-Jul-09 09:39:03

If you bought them on Ebay, then presumably they are new (as Ebay doesn't sell used nappies -- unless you're very very quick wink)

So, you most likely have the new Tots Bots wraps which are brilliant, and a better fit than Motherease. Plus funkier smile

scarlotti Wed 22-Jul-09 11:28:16

ilovemydog I didn't manage to get any of the tots bots wraps, but am looking at some motherease ones on there now.
There are preloved ones for sale, think that people just don't fill in the new/used setting and eBay allows the listing.

Think I might try a combination to start with as I do like the funky totsbots ones smile

Chulita Wed 22-Jul-09 13:15:19

I had leaks with the totsbots wraps but none in 8 months with the airflow - just to add my bit.
If you want slim and don't mind trying an AIO, Itti Bitti D'lish are very slim fitting (but pricey, I've only got 2 and I use them for the smaller trousers )

plimple Wed 22-Jul-09 13:23:35

By the way, they can be used from newborn and don't have to be as slim fitting as disposables. It is very good for a babies development to have their legs in the position that reusables give. Especially if anyone in the family suffered from clicky hips as a child.
Have fun with your nappies, it's so much easier than having to keep buying them every week.

BlueChampagne Wed 22-Jul-09 13:39:13

Check if your local council has a real nappy scheme, and also freecycle for further supplies.

Plimple - couldn't agree more about the ease of just chucking them in the washing machine rather than having to go out and buy (and store) disposables all the time. And the bin bag won't weigh a ton when you take it out either.

I feel very lucky to have a washing machine.

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