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Washable Swim Nappies

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MrsDimples Mon 20-Jul-09 16:24:08

Hello Everyone.

One week down with using washable nappies & all going well so far smile, no complaints from the bloke yet, just a few questions to make sure he's doing it right grin.

I've 2 weeks before my 6 week check & then hopefully I can hit the swimming pool with baby, so I was wondering, what washable swim nappies does everyone recommend?

Thanks in advance x

Octothechildherder Mon 20-Jul-09 20:24:44

Kushies, Motherease, Bambinex, Bright Bots - Lollipop and PHP stock a range. I know totsbots have started making them too.

MummyElk Mon 20-Jul-09 20:31:03

without wanting to sound like a complete slattern i rinse the huggies swim nappies (disposable ones) after each swim, turn them inside out and dry them on the radiator/washing line.
They dry really well, and I get oooooodles of use out of them. I'm not really sure how many uses i get cos i have so many on the go but it's good. in fact i can't really remember the last time i bought any.
obviously i don't reuse the pooey ones blush.
And they won't be as cute as the proper washable ones. but it might do you for the moment smile

Octothechildherder Mon 20-Jul-09 20:34:53

Mummyelk shock suppose is better to re-use than bin grin

BikeRunSki Mon 20-Jul-09 20:39:22

Floaties Aquanappies work fine for me. And the Mothercare ones th. at are similar

Octothechildherder Mon 20-Jul-09 20:44:19

Yes floaties are good too - couldn't think of the name.

NumptyMum Mon 20-Jul-09 20:50:30

We got our Konfidence swim nappies and baby warma 2nd hand on eBay and would really recommend, particularly the babywarma as swimming pools are chilly for babies (not exactly warm for parents either).

The 'nappy' bit is 2 parts, inner bit looks like trunks and has poppers, will last them until they are 3yo, then to stop any 'accidents' (esp bf baby ones...) there's the neoprene nappy cover. Thank goodness we've never tested their abilities, no idea how you deal with the aftermath... I don't think you'd need the larger nappicover sizes, we only got the 6-9 and 9-12 month sizes I think.

Hope that helps.

duvetheaven Sat 25-Jul-09 22:18:08

bought a mothercare one second hand on ebay.

Lilyloo Sat 25-Jul-09 22:22:35

mummyelk why not just buy one washable instead ?

twoclimbingboys Sat 25-Jul-09 22:35:55

Blake has a lovely Motherease swim one (brazil print) - but loads of people use a pocket nappy (wonderoo, bumgenius etc) with no stuffing/inserts in. It is just the same as a swim nappy then really.

MrsDimples Thu 30-Jul-09 13:41:33

Thanks for all your suggestions.

I thought about using a Bumgenius, but am worried about the chemicals ruining the waterproof layer . . . .

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