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Your Perfect Mix Of Cloth Nappies...

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tigerbump Sun 19-Jul-09 19:28:29

i wanted to start a thread for all those mums and mums to be who are considering 'reusable nappies'... there is so much info just wanted to see what mumsnetters were using

so when did you start using cloth, whats in your cloth stash & why.


Wigeon Sun 19-Jul-09 19:34:19

Lollipop micro nappies plus Motherease wraps with velcro and flushable liners.

Started using them when DD was 2 weeks old (after the meconium stage).

Love 'em.

beetlemum Sun 19-Jul-09 19:47:46

Same as wigeon but mine are lollipop softees. dead cute

KirstyJC Sun 19-Jul-09 20:31:05

Nights -

Little lambs bamboo, Easy Peasy BTP bambeasy and a Little Kiwi cotton quick flip - all used with a Disana pull-on shortie. All excellent but I wouldn't bother with the Easy Peasy I would just get more Little Lambs. Little Kiwi is great and much quicker to dry but is more bulky.

Days -

mainly BumGenius v3 and Little Lambs cotton nappies and wraps. Also got a Upsy Daisy pocket (preloved and too big to use yet)
a Bright Bots terry shaped (not wonderful but good if you don't need absorbancy ie expecting a poo shortly). One Pocket Bots pocket nappy with hemp insert - only used once but so far loving it, Itti Bitti D'Lish snap in All In Two - FAB! Strokably soft and very absorbant and slim - got an extra set of inserts too so can use it twice. Want some more!

Also I fancy some Weenotions but they are expensive so haven't got any (yet!).

I think it's a good idea to buy a couple of different types 'cos even if you find you love the first type you buy, like I did with the BG, you still get suckered in to buying other types to try! So many little time!grin

Lots of companies offer advice depending on how often you want to wash/ dry them etc. You can then select a trial kit with the types you might find more useful - I wish I had done this 'cos then I might have been able to get a bigger selection of different ones (I bought 16 BG at once so can't really justify continuing to buy more).

I also had a month's free trial offered by my council - this was everything I needed, even liners and the bin / nappy mesh. There was a selection of 14 nappies - including prefolds, terries, Fuzzi Bunz, BumGenius, Wonderoos, Bamboo shaped, various wraps. It was excellent as I could try loads to check they worked well eg for nights, what insert combination to use and so on. It also means you can try all the washing routine before you actually spend any money, so you can be certain cloth is for you! Go to your council website and type 'nappy' in the search and you should find out if your council does it too.

Go on, give it a try smile

Octothechildherder Sun 19-Jul-09 22:07:28

Fuzzi Bunz, Lollipop Bamboo, Dream Dri

Started using cloth 8 years ago and have tried virtually every nappy on the market!

eclairea Sat 25-Jul-09 20:24:28

Bumbles! Started out with four bimbles (the newborn version) and alternated these with dispoables at 4-6 weeks, and bumbles 6-8 weeks. Thee bimbles now fit teddy perfectly and I cant believe ds was once that small! 20 bumbles then were all we needed until ds was 7 months. Then I started spending too much time on the mumsnet nappy section researching other options to increase the stash for when ds goes to nursery and I have 4 tots bots bamboozles (aplix) good for easy on easy off eg when swimming, or for when grandma is babysitting (the bumbles are nippa versions), 4 little lamb bamboo (nice and slim fitting but prefer the bamboozles and bumbles) and 2 standard minkis for night time. Also have 4 hemp inserts for when we use the bumbles at night. Motherease wraps (about 6-7 per size).

mumface Sat 25-Jul-09 21:08:22

I love: On my newborn
Bumgenius or itti bitti d'lish for daytime = Quick drying & easy to use.

Bimbles/bumbles with any motherease wrap for nights = Easy to boost, staydry fleece & leak proof.
stash also used for 2 year old are:
4 Blueberry onesize
5 flexitots & wraps
5 nippa cotton tots
& Worst buy ever my first nappies 3 kushies AIO only used in emergencies.

twoclimbingboys Sat 25-Jul-09 21:23:34

Day nappies - bamboo sandys (slim fit and very absorbent but very, very slow drying), Upsy Daisy soy fitteds, Wee Notions Northern Lights, Ella's House Hemp Day Nappies (ultra slim fit, only last a couple of hours max without extra boosting), Hollow Oak fitteds.

Day Wraps - Upsy daisy Minkee (triple cut and with embroidery), Motherease Airflow wraps in savannah and oceans, Wee Notions.

Night Nappies - Upsy Daisy Night Nappies in soy, Wee Notions Night Nappies. My older son still needs nappies of a night and WN and UD have both also made him XLs which are fab too.

Night Wraps (all fleece) - Upsy Daisy, Wee Notions, Stacinator (quite thick), Tots Bots (quite thin).

Wool (lanolised) - we have just started to use this for both days and nights. Have lovely shorts from the Soaring Sheep and some fab board shorts from Pixie Knits.

WigglewithWine Sat 25-Jul-09 22:06:33

Day nappies - Bumgenius V3, Wonderoos, Ittibitti d'lish, Greenkids Minkytime - all in lovely colours and all excellent nappies

Night nappies - Bambineo bamboo aplix with bambineo wraps - lovely soft, absorbent nappy

Considering trying wool and soy but must sell some nappies first...

afterglow Sun 26-Jul-09 17:10:13

I switched dd to cloth when she was 11months blush

Day - ecobubs, fuzzies, bg3, bbh bamboo and their minkee aio, bambinex teddies, bamboo sandys.

Night - boosted ecobubs

Tried and liked - BG AIO. Tried and liked until dd grew out of them early - Modern Baby pop-in

mummypig Sun 26-Jul-09 17:28:13

I started using cloth when ds1 was about 14 months old.

Terry squares with Motherease wraps for home:
cheap, quick to dry and I reckoned if my mum had managed to fold them how hard could it be??

Rainbow tots bots when out, and for the nursery:
they are a bit more like disposables, so easier for the carers to get the hang of, and a bit more convenient when in small changing rooms. and I liked the colours. Plus fleece liners for easy disposal of the poo.

I also used some Minkis for night as ds1 was a very heavy wetter and they were easy to boost.

Fast forward to ds3.

As a newborn: muslins, using the newborn fold and pinned with a nappy nippa, in Motherease wraps.
Because newborns don't do huge wees and I had loads of muslins lying around and he was too small for the other nappies I had.

Daytime: BumGenius v3 with microterry inserts. Or Wonderoos.
Because I had used pocket nappies before and liked them. Plus these ones are one size so I didn't have to worry about buying a new set as he grew up. They are really convenient and quick, the outers dry very quickly and the inserts dry pretty quickly too. And now I have three kids I don't want to be fiddling around with terry folds.

Night time: Little Kiwi Quick Flip or Fluffles or Tots Bots, with microfibre or bamboo boosters and Motherease wraps.
These are just what I have around, and as long as I boost enough they work fine.

I'm just about to move on to using more Wonderoos as ds3 is 12 months and very good at removing velcro tabs (wonderoos have poppers instead) and the BGs seem to be a bit tight too so even if he doesn't remove them, sometimes they fall off.

mummypig Sun 26-Jul-09 17:33:00

Oh I have about 5 of the nighttime ones and about 15 of the daytime ones. Seems to be enough but we do use eco-disposables now and then.

And I agree with mumface the kushies AIO are awful. I can't believe I was convinced by the marketing blurb on someone's website.

rusmum Sun 26-Jul-09 20:51:36

day geobel bamboo or sandy bamboo and wn or airflow wrap

night bbh bamboo or bumble and disana pull on wool

dont like fleece at all

TheNatty Thu 30-Jul-09 15:40:48

DS1 : MEOS and ME wraps

DD : smart nappies, MEOS and ME wraps, then switched to pocket nappies. we have BBOS, WNOS, fuzzibunz, wonderoo, happyheinys, swaddlebees, greenkids anytimes, BGS, minky pockets, tots bots AIO

DS2 : back to two parters mainly, but use all the old pockets from DD when out and about.
we use little lambs bamboo and cotton, lollipop bamboo and microfibre, tots bots bamboo and cotton, ellas house hemp. we use a range of wraps, fleece, wool and PUL.

i have WAY to many NAPPIES!!


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