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BumGenuis reusable nappies

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GuernseyFrench Sun 19-Jul-09 14:31:40

I'm looking to buy those reusable nappies from Mothercare and wonder if they can be store into those soaking buckets before doing a wash?
I have read the descriptions, reviews and nothing mentions it!
It's my first dc and I'm really interested in using reusable nappies.
Many thanks for your help and advises.

MoominMymbleandMy Sun 19-Jul-09 14:54:37

I think you're not supposed to soak them because it's bad for the PUL outer covering. I don't think there would be any problem with soaking the inserts but fishing them out of a dirty nappy wouldn't be very pleasant.

I have a couple of Bumgenius because they're handy for the change bag but for the most part I prefer two-part systems.

I wouldn't buy all one type to start off with because what suits one baby doesn't always suit another. Try experimenting with different ones to find which you like best, and sell the ones you don't care for.

tigerbump Sun 19-Jul-09 18:13:12

MoominMymbleandMy what 2 part systems would you recommend?

MoominMymbleandMy Sun 19-Jul-09 18:35:12

I've been very impressed with Motherease nappy wraps. They do two types, Rikki wraps, which fasten with velcro and have generous leg gussets, and Airflow wraps, which fasten with poppers.

OneLife wraps, which are almost identical to Airflows except the PUL is thicker, are excellent too.

For the actual nappy part it also depends on your circumstances, as in whether you need them to be fast drying, live in a hard water area and so on.

I really like TotsBots Bamboozles. They are the best for absorbency, stay soft even in a a hard water area, and seem to shrug off bad stains with one wash. But they take a long time to dry so you would need a lot of them or a tumble dryer.

I also like Motherease One Size. They're good, tough workhorse nappies. Mine are secondhand but they've got loads of life left in them. They make them in bamboo too but I only have cotton ones. Unfortunately cotton does get very crunchy in hard water areas so I give them a quick spin in the dryer when they're nearly dry to soften them.

If you don't have a dryer TotsBots Fluffles are the fastest for line-drying. They've discontinued them but you can pick them up secondhand and there are similar nappies by other manufacturers.

Andthentherewerethree Sun 19-Jul-09 18:37:47

i loed the bum genius nappies, they were my fail safe ones for dd especially for night time.
most nappies are recommended that you dry pail now rather than wet pail/soak as it destroys the fabrics and elastics in the nappies.
i used ot have my nappy bucket dry and put a liner in it so you could just lift it all out in one go and bung in the machine. i then used a piece of cotton wool wiht a few drops of lavendar or tea tree oil on to get rid of any smells.
surprisongly wet pailing smells worse than dry pailing.

Andthentherewerethree Sun 19-Jul-09 18:38:04

loved not loed blush

Octothechildherder Sun 19-Jul-09 20:54:01

Have you considered a demo from an advisor - if you visit the Lollipop website (in classified ads) they will put you in touch with someone who can show you all the nappies and explain how they work. smile

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