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novice questions: changing mat & baths

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greengecko Thu 16-Jul-09 09:21:16

I'm sure this is all really obvious to those more experienced...

1. How do I clean a changing mat? Disinfectant? Or is this harmful to baby's skin and should I just use soap and water?

2. I've just been using water and cotton wool for cleaning at nappy change time. DS is now 1 month old. Is it OK to keep doing this or should I be using baby wipes?

3. Likewise with baths, just been using plain water so far. Should I now start using soap as well? Lots of allergies in my family, so a bit worried in case DS's skin is also sensitive.

nursenatty Thu 16-Jul-09 09:51:54

Perhaps I'm a bit ocd but I used to wipe mat over with a dettol wipe and dry it off. If water if still coping with nappy change then stick with it as long as poss. I found Simple baby wipes very gentle though. If your babys skin is ok at the moment, again I wouldnt sart putting anything in bath, if it becomes very dry etc, ask HV advice on emollient.

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