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washing m/c kaput - bucketload of nappies - aargh!

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motherpeculiar Thu 19-May-05 17:29:55

got home this lunchtime to the sad news that our washer-drier has breathed its last - in fairly specatcular fashion too - with lots and lots of smoke

need a new one fast as I have a bucketful of dirty nappies (omg i am going to have to handwash them aren't I?) and I hate the thought of putting disposables on my darling for any prolonged period. not to mention the fact that the cost of every pkt of disposables would almost buy me another cute and cuddley totsbot.

any one got any advice on what's good machine to get - don't want another washer-drier as this one lived up to the rumour that they are fairly crap so any advice welcome. need to be able to get it delivered right soon now...

chipmonkey Thu 19-May-05 17:50:34

mp, I just got a whirlpool 9763 and I love it. Its got a digital display and is very economical ro run.

hub2dee Thu 19-May-05 17:53:29

Looky here, strange laydee: someone in similar boat

chipmonkey Thu 19-May-05 17:54:54

Hub2dee gave me this link when my washing machine broke.

chipmonkey Thu 19-May-05 17:55:54

Crossed posts, Hub2dee!!!

NannyL Thu 19-May-05 21:20:51

i LOVE the hotpoint aquarius!!!!

i personally would only EVER have a hotpoint washing machine

motherpeculiar Thu 19-May-05 21:58:27

hmm, am confused

Dh would like a miele. I would do. But would like to eat this month also.

back to mr. washerhelper with me.

JL say they can deliver in 14 days. . I don't have enough bumbles and bots to last that long and cannot see myself elbow deep in nappies handwashing for a fortnight.

i suppose it would be too much to arrive at a friends door with an armful (or two) of DD's nappies to bung in their machine? rhetorical question that really

thanks for the tips guys, I'll persevere

Gem13 Thu 19-May-05 22:15:51


motherpeculiar Thu 19-May-05 22:21:24

it's either that or the disposables Gem13

do you reckon they'd let you in with a load of dirty nappies though?

not that i even know where my nearest launderette is I'm ashamed to admit

Pruni Thu 19-May-05 22:22:56

Message withdrawn

hub2dee Thu 19-May-05 22:24:59

Hi mp, you could maybe run with dispies for two weeks, or find a Miele dealer with quicker delivery ? Or sign up for a nappy laundry service for two weeks ?

re: cost - it may pay for itself if it breaks down less frequently, or if it is more efficient than other machines... more of a long term perspective ? Remember, you're only in this pickle because your machine broke... and Miele is supposed to be very reliable...


motherpeculiar Thu 19-May-05 22:42:41

hi hub

dh is at this very moment checking the yellow pages for miele suppliers

we'd both been toying with the notion for a while anyway - feeling the ominous vibes from the evil smoking hoover no doubt

some friends have a miele and we've always been amazed at how quiet it is - big deal as ours is in our kitchen. I do love the reliability factor too, apart from cost or anything else it is such an absolute pain to have to get a new one...I could be surfing for nappies right now rather than white goods. Grrr........

Pruni - what's your address? cheers

misdee Thu 19-May-05 22:48:08

where are you? your welcome to put a load through my machine if you want. am in herts.

hub2dee Thu 19-May-05 22:53:19

mp - if you search archives for my name and Miele / Bosch I posted the name / number of a trade dealer for Twiglett a while back. If you / friend / family run a business and can blag, you'll perhaps get trade pricing (I think they're still in business). If you can't / don't want to, they are a very big distributor and can maybe tell you who has got stock in etc.

Yeah: post your post code and doubtless a nice MNer will let you bring your soiled goods over for a quick wash !

motherpeculiar Thu 19-May-05 22:55:24

awh thanks misdee - unfortunately am in london so would probably undo any environmental good getting the stinkies to you. cheers for the offer though.

my pal who loaned me her imse vimse is visiting tomorrow - she doesn't live too far (and has a miele ) so I may just impose upon her in the name of washing machine research

little does she know....

motherpeculiar Thu 19-May-05 22:59:30

will check it out hub - thanks

so bosch are good too in your opinion - they are a sight cheaper...

SE24 if anyone wants to volunteer their machine for my DD2s (not too stinky) smalls

misdee Thu 19-May-05 23:00:03

btw, as long as you dont ask for a service wash i think you could sneak the nappies into laundrette no probs. its not like they inspect your washing is it lol.

hub2dee Thu 19-May-05 23:31:00

mp - honestly, if you could work out the money, I would stick with Miele. I sued Bosch for all the other appliances: boiler, fridge, freezer... but washer and dryer I deffo only wanted to buy once, IYSWIM.

If you read the Miele review on that washing repair man's site you can read how it is actually built differently on the inside... quality, old-fashioned, expensive bits. They really do have a reputation for longevity.

Surely someone from a meetup thread in your area might be able to help you out ? Do your neighbours bite ?

motherpeculiar Fri 20-May-05 10:53:14

just ordered the miele w526 from the appliance people, so no food for the peculiars this month then. comes with extended 5 yr warranty, which i am sure we won't need, eh hub

up to 10 days for delivery though

and unfortunately my neighbours do bite, just on the one side though...

hub2dee Fri 20-May-05 11:01:20

Of course not.

<<Gulp... Hope I'm not underwriting the performance of all Mieles in the UK now>>

Now go and find something in the reduced bin in the supermarket.

Good luck with the machine.

Gem13 Fri 20-May-05 18:19:45

Hurrah! We have a Miele too but ours is noisy. Something to do with it not being flat. It was very quiet in the last house. DH needs to do something with it but we only remember this every time it spins and wakes DD up... It is fab though.

I'd be off to the launderette like a shot in the meantime. Magazine and chocolate in hand.

motherpeculiar Fri 20-May-05 19:12:41

i am sadly very excited about it really - hope it will be quiet tho'.

have sussed out the local launderette too, still unsure about doing the nappies there, but at least we'll have clean clothes to wear, as we starve...

Pruni Fri 20-May-05 19:16:02

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Fri 20-May-05 19:45:50

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Fri 20-May-05 19:46:14

Message withdrawn

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