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Was dry, now wetting bed every night...

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minko Tue 14-Jul-09 19:20:46

DS is 2y10m and we did potty training very successfully about a month ago. Straight away his night nappies were dry too, so I took the plunge and stopped using nappies at night. Everything was fine for the first fortnight, but now he has wet the bed every night for 5nights. It has varied between 10pm and 6am when it happens. We've tried lifting him when we go to bed but he doesn't produce anything then, just gets v.v. grumpy!

minko Tue 14-Jul-09 20:26:50

Oh sorry, I meant to say - what do we do? Nappy again or persevere???

sobloodystupid Tue 14-Jul-09 20:52:20

My 3 year old did this. I have kept her in nappies at night, and the occassional night she is dry. I expect pray she will work it out soon.

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