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DD 3.5 happily poos in pants - how do we convince her to use the loo?

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YeahBut Thu 19-May-05 12:13:09

We left toilet training DD2 who is 3.5 (after a nightmare with DD1) until we were sure she was absolutely ready and she is doing brilliantly with weeing on the potty/loo. We just can't get the poo sorted! I've seen an earlier thread where a child asks for a nappy but dd2 doesn't bother about that - she just poos in her pants quite happily. She then comes to tell me that she's done it, so she is aware that it is happening. Also caught her transfering poo from her pants into the potty yesterday so she knows where it is meant to go! Any tips? (Am a bit concrned as she is meant to go to nursery in September where she has to be completely toilet trained.)

misty Thu 19-May-05 12:16:29

Yeahbut we have exactly the same problem with our ds who is 2y3m! He too does the 'tipping the poo' into the potty thing which can be a bit messy.

I've no advice other than more experienced folk have told me to not react and in time they will sort themselves out.... not sure how long that is going to take though!

Will watch this thread with interest - good luck!!

Gwenick Thu 19-May-05 12:17:26

It was a bit drastic - but until 1 month or so ago DS1 (5 in September!) was still pooing in his pants - despite repeated efforts to get him to poo in the toilet.

I duly made a GP appointment for him as I was getting concerned he didn't even seem to realise when he needed to do one..........then as a last ditch offered him 20p for every time he pooed in the toilet - and once he'd 'saved' enough he could have a McDonalds (rare treat in this house)...................over 1 month later and we've had NO poo's in his pants at all!!

Could be worth 'bribing' her with something like that (doesn't have to McDonalds - anything that could 'inspired' her.

Good luck

throckenholt Thu 19-May-05 12:19:15

defintely a sticker or smily face chart, with a reward when she gets to a certain number - you can negotiate the reward between you.

She obviuosly needs an incentive to make the effort.

misty Thu 19-May-05 12:19:43

sorry, ds is 3y3mths!!

Gwenick Thu 19-May-05 13:06:51

FWIW - We tried sticker charts with DS1 for various things and they NEVER worked - he just didn't find the 'incentive' in them.......obviously some children respond very well to them, but others don't.

throckenholt Thu 19-May-05 13:32:29

agree sticker charts don't work for all - but some visible method of reinforcing an incentive usually works. Gwenick - presumably yours could see his 20p's stacking up somewhere ?

Gwenick Thu 19-May-05 13:34:22

- no he couldn't - I didn't actually have any 20p's at the time (was expecting some money in the week after we started it) but I just reminded him about the 20p - and McDonalds and it did the trick -

throckenholt Thu 19-May-05 13:50:50

tortoiseshell Thu 19-May-05 14:10:29

We had very similar problem. We solved it with a sticker chart, with a new engine when the chart was complete, and started with only 3 stickers to win the reward, then increased the number he needed. I also got him to try to go at the same time each day (just before his bath), and that seemed to work. He still does a poo every evening before his bath, even though he is totally trained now.

dot1 Fri 20-May-05 09:18:24

me again... ds is 3.5 and hasn't even got to the agreeing to put pants on stage!! We even offered him a 'pants party' today - for when he starts to wear pants - and that he could invite his friends and have balloons and mini rolls (his favourite things!). No luck... We've also got the pressure of having to sort it out by September (can't believe it's nearly June - aarrggghh!!).

Anyway, maybe a party or some other treat - like the idea of McDonalds!! I think bribery's definitely the way to go - we just can't find what ds thinks is valuable enough to let go of his nappies!

YeahBut Sat 21-May-05 19:42:37

Am going down the bribery route and taking up an earlier suggestion of putting a coin in a jar for every successful performance. She really wants one of those Polly Pocket toys so I'm using that as the carrot. We spoke about it today and she did her poo on the potty this afternoon!! Will persist with this tactic and let you know how it goes.

(BTW Dot1, my dd1 was 3years 9 months before being trained! She flat out refused before that and I was at my wits end. She woke up one morning and announced that she was wearing pants now and that was that. I'd back right off for a couple of weeks and give yourself a breather.)

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