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Calling all nappy agents!!

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broguemum Tue 14-Jul-09 09:09:51

No worries - I am not new competition unless you happen to live in Luxembourg that is.... but I was hopeing to pick your brains.

I am about to do my first "demo" of reuseable nappies and I wondered if any of you seasoned nappy agents could pass on a few tips? What's the best way to demo? Do you just show people the fluff or do you demo it on a toy? I'd demo on my son except that he is 19 months and the only way to change his nappy is to chase him, wrestle him, blow raspberries on him and chew his toes and I just don't think this will give a professional impression somehow.


Octothechildherder Tue 14-Jul-09 09:43:05

1. Know your nappies - how they work, the fabric, drying time, general fit.
2. Know your covers - reliability, fit, type and what nappies they suit.
3. Would not recommend a 19 mo old! Use doll or pass around. I pass around.
4. Explain different types of nappies e.g. btp, aio, flat shaped etc.
5. Exlpain how to use nappies - make it sound easy lol!
6. Ask them which ones they like and why.
7. Make sure you sell them the right nappies for them.

HTH smile

broguemum Tue 14-Jul-09 09:59:23

Thanks Octothechildherder. How big a range do you manage to keep in your head?

I was thinking of keeping the facts and figures for two different pockets, 4 different shaped nappies and 3 or 4 wraps in my head. I suspect I need to keep more don't I? I never got on with terries though.... Aargh, my poor head just doesn't have the room.

Octothechildherder Tue 14-Jul-09 10:06:23

Remember that most of the all-in-ones/btps work in the same way they just have different insides e.g. bumgenius, totseasysit, pop n gro, close parent etc all popper down and close in same way.

You need to know everything and with time everyone else nappies too!

purplesal Tue 14-Jul-09 10:10:38

Hi Broguemum,
Are you planning on selling - in which case you need to know all your current stock, prices or at least have them to hand. I sell at least 12 different types of nappies and can tell you instatntly prices etc for them.

Have you joined a nappy company? They should be able to give you all the facts and figures and the pros and cons of each nappy system. I am an advisor with Lollipop and we receive a really detailed training mnaual which has every little bit of information taht you might need - facts and figures about the environmental impact of cloth vs dispoables, links to studies on health benefits etc, Plus a detailed section on every single nappy, accesory that we sell.
Also there's sections on how to run individual demos, do group talks etc.

In fact I would strongly recommend becoming an advisor so taht you get all the back-up support etc

broguemum Tue 14-Jul-09 10:28:56

I am affiliated with a company so I do have the back up there but it does not sound quite as in depth as what you have. I shall wander off and go and look at their website...

Octothechildherder Tue 14-Jul-09 11:26:21


broguemum Tue 14-Jul-09 11:34:51

I plead the fifth amendment!!!

I think I am the only nappy agent in Luxembourg though. I have been told on many occasions that reuseable nappies don't exist anymore.

Octothechildherder Tue 14-Jul-09 11:44:45

You may have your work cut out then! Great opportunity to rule the market - go for it! grin

sunfl0wer Wed 15-Jul-09 17:36:04

I agree with Octo - thats a great checklist!!

Get to know your products and simply explain the different types of nappies along with best way to wash them.

Keep it short and sweet and pass them round the group to let them have a feel/play themselves. The nappies sell themselves you just need to know your stuff

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