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Will not sit on a potty (or toilet)

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ijustwant8hours Mon 13-Jul-09 11:59:03

DS is 2.7. I'd like to start potty training before he starts pre school in september. We've had potties lying around for ages and he knows what they are for. A typical conversation goes like this....

Shall we leave your nappy off for a bit?

ds - yes

ds - I wee on the floor

It would be better to wee on the potty

ds- No No No! I wee on the floor

A bit of generally bribery / pleading to better nature etc may go on here. Then...

DS wees on the floor

ds - I have my nappy on now please

This could go on all day. Anyone with any similar experiences? Or really good persuation techniques?

blinder Mon 13-Jul-09 12:17:05

I used to read books and play with my DS while he was sitting on the potty, long before introducing the idea of weeing into it.

Perhaps you could try getting him to sit on it, in a nappy if he likes, after a wee (on the floor smile), just to have a snack or listen to a story, or watch TV. Just a couple of minutes at a time. No pressure at all. So the potty just becomes a seat.

Work gradually towards being nappy free. Then, one day when he has an inevitable accident in the potty, break out the whooping and celebrations. Applaud, jump about and congratulate him. He will feel like an Olympic winner and you won't be able to get him off the thing!

Alternatively, put a bit of water in the potty and a ping pong ball or something else that floats, and when he wants a wee, ask him to try and sink the ball by aiming. You may get splashback but it's a fun game. grin good luck!

mummyplonk Mon 13-Jul-09 12:21:52

DS 3.5yrs has been a nightmare at sitting on potty too, good ideas from Blinder, I bit the bullet this weekend and the only way he would do it was if I held the potty up so he could stand up to it and wee, have had a few accidents, unfortunately mainly in the poo dept so still working on it but the wee thing is getting there. It really is true that they do it when they want to and are ready though, good luck.

kw13 Mon 13-Jul-09 17:31:08

I am firmly in the bribery department. My DS (just about to turn 3, and in week 2 of potty training) gets a small chocolate star if he wees in the potty or on the loo. I have to put him on the potty/loo - so far not much interest in getting there under his own steam. And no luck whatsoever with poos. And he loves his big boy pants (his are from Primark and have fire engines etc on them). My DS is dry all day using this technique - and I put him on the potty/loo almost every hour and definitely before every major event (meal or going out). He doesn't like it much - but does like chocolate stars! Definitely go along with the whooping and clapping thing - my son now proudly tells everyone (very loudly) when he has done a wee.

Trikken Mon 13-Jul-09 17:51:07

bribing with raisins seems to work for my ds.

Alishanty Tue 14-Jul-09 15:42:33

Haven't really got any advice as we are still struggling with 2.11 ds. We started training when he was 2.2 as seemed ready. He had some success and even progressed to asking to go and for some reason it all went backwards. He preferred to stand over the potty to pee or pee at the toilet on a step like daddy. We were using stickers as bribery but now he doesn't care. I have told him he will get 'Magic Stars' if he poos on the toilet but he just pretends he is eating magic stars! He loves Andy Pandy so we say things like

'Andy Pandy uses the toilet', ds says

'Andy Pandy doesn't want it!' so that doesn't work.

Yesterday I said, 'do you want to wear pants and use the toilet when you get up?' He said 'Yes'.

When he got up, 'I don't want to wear pants, I wear nappies'.

So frustrating as he is bright in others ways and speaks really well. The nursery have been going on at me as he starts pre-school in September, but they can't get him to go either.

nowwearefour Tue 14-Jul-09 15:52:51

chocolate buttons

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