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potty training.

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lotti89 Mon 13-Jul-09 00:11:32

im tryin to get my two andr half son to use a potty but everytime i take his nappy off he sceams the house down to put a nappy on, has anyone got any idears for me please! cheers

purlease Mon 13-Jul-09 09:42:35

Personally I'd wait. Potty training is much easier when the child wants it. Have you bought him pants. If he chooses pants that he really likes - maybe with a favourite character - he might be more inclined to get rid of the nappies.

melmog Mon 13-Jul-09 09:56:04

Yes, I'd definately wait. We had exactly this very recently. We left it, thanks to some great advice on mn, and tried again a month or so later. All sorted now so would thoroughly recommend waiting.

lotti89 Mon 13-Jul-09 15:47:04

thanks so much for your repiles ill do this cheers.

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