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help me avoid another evening of poo please

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silkcushion Sun 12-Jul-09 20:08:21

20month old dd1 has very recently (2 weeks) decide she doesn't like her nappy. Think this has been prompted by the arrival of her new sister (3 weeks ago).

Don't think she is particularly aware of herself needing to wee or poo yet but is constantly stripping.

We've had 3 mornings of finding her starkers in her cot (nappy thrown on the floor) and have been very lucky that she hadn't wee'd or pooed.

Last night though our luck ran out and we found her huddled at the end of her cot naked, on the verge of tears and horrified at the the huge poo smeared across her pillow shock Think she didn't want us to know as she hadn't made a noise and is a very vocal little girl normally.

I'm hoping she may have shocked herself into keeping her nappy on. Don't know how to stop her otherwise as she can get out of any clothing/growbag combination I think up.

We bought a potty last weekend and she sits on it lots and so do her teddies. Would you try toilet training?

silkcushion Sun 12-Jul-09 20:19:01

bump but have just noticed a similar thread so will watch that one too

MummyElk Sun 12-Jul-09 20:25:50

hi silkcushion i can't offer you complete advice because only going on my friends experiences - but have you read the mumsnet guide to toilet training and does she tick any of those boxes?
Feel so sorry for your DD1, poor little thing i bet she felt awful - my DD is doing much the same thing at the moment, she's 17mths and very vocal..hw she shouts "pooopooo" when she does it and then greets us with a "eewwwwww" - so she's not embarrassed. My only worry is to at all costs not make poopoo into a situation for her - one of the tips on the guide is to make sure they aren't disgusted or upset by any experience.
Anywya I hope you get more useful advice than my ramblings - maybe you can get her to sit on potty at regular times (before bath etc) and perhaps empty contents of one nappy into it to teach her the cause-effect of it all?
Good luck - and congrats on DD2!! (like you don't have enough on your plate at mo!! smile)

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