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Nasty nappy rash - help needed

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Pennies Wed 18-May-05 18:12:06

DD has had a nappy rash on her bum cheeks for a few weeks ago now but in the past few days it has got much worse. It's not weeping or bleeding yet but looks very sore and I think it might itch her because she keeps trying to scratch but her arms aren't long enough yet!

Have been doing nappy off time (inc. the entire day today - a truly sh1tty experience!) to try and get some air to it.

have tried sudacrem and metanium with no effect. have got some Fucidine H cream that GP prescribed when she had eczema - would this help at all?

starshaker Wed 18-May-05 18:13:02

not sure by the way what nappies are u using

colditz Wed 18-May-05 18:13:06

This sounds like it might be thrush, you can get Timedene from your gp for this.

Pennies Wed 18-May-05 19:20:18

Thrush? Crikey, never heard of this being like nappy rash before. Could I use normal Canestan cream on it?

I use Bambo disposibles.

Hayls Wed 18-May-05 19:24:23

You can use Canesten for it. I also found that Calendula cream worked really well- nothing else cleared it. Dd's rash sounded just like what you describe and it disappeared as soon as I used the cream. I actually worked out that she was allergic to disposables so I now only use washables or Nature Boy and Girl ones.
Your gp/hv should be able to prescribe Canesten if you ask for it.

Magscat Wed 18-May-05 19:26:11

Sounds like you're doing the right thing with trying lot of nappy free time. Is it possible for you to try cotton nappies for a bit? Appreciate that if you don't want to go down the cotton route you might not want to shell out on them but you could try a trial pack (Mothercare, Tescos, Woolworths, internet - inc. ebay) just to get away from the chemicals in disposables.

As for creams, have you tried Kamillisan cream? It's not specifically for nappy rash but I found it helped (you can use it on sore nipples, if needed, too).

elibelly Wed 18-May-05 19:30:51

I highly recommend Timodine, it's the only thing that has sorted out my ds's evil bottom rash from hell (weeping sores etc). I think it's prescription only though and you have to keep it in the fridge which is a pain

Pennies Wed 18-May-05 19:31:45

Thought about trying cottons but washing machine broke today so until that's sorted there's no way I goign down that route!!

Thanks for advice re. calendula cream & Kamillosan - will give them a go then ask GP.

Twiglett Wed 18-May-05 19:31:59

canesten cream - it sure sounds like a yeast infection to me

honestly just like you would use - spread it thinly then apply sudocrem on top / or another barrier cream

keep leaving nappy off for extended periods

shoudl get better in a couple of days

vkone Wed 18-May-05 20:41:46

Chamomile tea as a wash and applied as a liner works wonders - any old flannel/hanky towelling would do and it can be used in a disposable as well as a cotton nappy.

lunarx Thu 19-May-05 12:44:49

wish i had some more helpful words, but i came over to this thread to get some advice too as ds (almost 11 months) has 2 areas of nappy rash that aren't clearing up and the one area is increasingly red and raw..
thanks for the suggestions so far given... have made note of them (have been doing some nappy free time, but will try for more today), sudocrem isn't helping at all.. ..

starshaker Thu 19-May-05 12:50:26

i find dd gets a really bad rash if i use pampers or huggies have changed to boots own and its cleared up nicely also have u tried using baby oil to clean her bottom i found that also helped with nappy rash

Pennies Thu 19-May-05 22:00:26

It seemed better this morning aftr most of the day with it off yesterday but was back to it's old redness by bedtime. Bought some calendual to start with. Will go to GP next week if no improvement over the weekend.

Thanks for the tips though.

lunarx Fri 20-May-05 09:07:40

glad to hear Pennies.. - we're off to the GP this morning as ds's bottom bled some last night good luck

dot1 Fri 20-May-05 09:14:45

we've got the same problem with ds2 - currently using Canesten + hydrocortisone as the GP thinks it's Thrus + eczema... I have to say it's not working brilliantly - it's gone down a bit but his bottom is still very sore and lots of red patches.

Ds has huggies and has always been fine with them (he's 13 months) so I'm a bit reluctant to change brand as other nappies we've used in the past (Moltex mainly) have been much more leaky.

Hmmm - any other suggestions?

elibelly Fri 20-May-05 20:57:13

I know I mentioned it before but I can't recommend Timodine enough, it contains just about everything and works really quickly. It contains multiple elements: something for thrush; hydrocortisone; an antibacterial and a barrier, it has to be kept in the fridge so it is cool and therefore soothing and is the only thing that has ever cleared up ds's bum. Pester your GP till you get some

Cooperoo Fri 20-May-05 21:05:27

Go to the docs and ask them to take a swab. My dd used to suffer from fungal infections in her nappy area when teething. She was prescribed Fucidin cream and had a second dose of it and luckily I went back to the GP's and asked that they take a swab and it turned out to be a particularly nasty infection that required awful oral antibiotics. We have no idea where she picked that up and I asked everyone in an effort to prevent it happening again. Answer from docs and HV etc was that the bacteria live in the gut and infect the nappy area when pooed out onto damaged skin. .
Thankfully she has not suffered since she stopped teething. HTH a bit and hope your little ones are better soon. It is awful.

lunarx Sat 21-May-05 19:03:32

our GP prescribed Fucidin (sp?) cream and its worked WONDERS overnight. no more open sores or bleeding! nappy changing time is no longer a screaming time. we also switched to pampers sensitive nappies for the time being and cotton wool and water for cleaning....

Pennies Sat 21-May-05 23:13:46

Oh Lunarx your poor ds. Glad the Fucidin worked.

Still no change here with calendula cream so reckon will go to the docs next week.

Can HV's prescribe things like Timodine etc?

elibelly Sat 21-May-05 23:17:06

fucidin is great if the rash/sores get infected but it is a steroid so should be used sparingly as it thins the skin

don't know if the HV can prescribe things, probably not as they usually suggest you go to a doctor for anything really medical

lunarx Sun 22-May-05 17:24:57

:nods: the GP told us to only use it until it clears up, so we only had to use it 3 times and today all the rash is gone !

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